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Below are direct links to a pages of useful content that has been developed over the many years we have been selling Sheds, Summerhouses, Log Cabins and Garden Structures.

Shed Pages

Shed Ranges - an explanation of the different types of wooden sheds that have to offer and a short summary of the different manufacturers, apex sheds, pent sheds, potting sheds and corner sheds all included

Ready Built Shed Options - a summary list with detail of what the shed options are for the ready built range of sheds, if you are unsure of what a shed option means then this information should help.

Bespoke Sheds - Information and ideas about our bespoke shed and bespoke summerhouse service

Astronomy Shed or Observatory Shed - Some detail relating to the observatory shed bespoke service, sheds with rolling roofs

Security Sheds - quick link to the security shed range 

View All Sheds - Just browsing for sheds, view them all in one place

Summerhouse Pages

Summerhouse Ranges - Brief introduction to some of our summerhouse manufacturing partners such as UKGB and Lugarde

Bespoke Summerhouses - Information and ideas about our bespoke summerhouse options, summer house log cabin

Log Cabin Pages

Lugarde Log Cabins - Lugarde Log Cabin information, why buy a Lugarde log cabin

Lugarde Log Cabin Insulation - why you should consider insulating your log cabin and a short video of how Lugarde do it with their log cabin insulation


Playhouse Range - Introduction to some of our playhouse manufacturing partners


Greenhouse Ranges

Other Useful Information

Bases for Garden Buildings

Splits and Cracks

Order Information

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