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  • Apr, 2022
    • Apr 5, 2022
      If you are thinking of purchasing a timber building may it be a log cabin, summerhouse or standard garden shed then get it ordered sooner rather than later.
  • Feb, 2022
    • Feb 10, 2022
      Lead times for standard sheds, summerhouses are normal for the time of the year, slightly extended still for the Elite Garden Rooms and some of the Log Cabin suppliers but the demand is still exceptionally high
  • Jan, 2022
    • Jan 3, 2022
      We are looking forward to 2022 with more garden buildings on display than ever before and the addition of a couple of new...
  • Dec, 2021
    • Dec 7, 2021
      Christmas 2021 it seems strange that a whole year has passed and we are still talking about Covid and social distancing restrictions. I assumed ...
  • Aug, 2021
    • Aug 1, 2021
      We still advise contacting us before placing an order so we can check availability and confirm lead times
  • Feb, 2021
    • Feb 22, 2021
      Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic is still causing us all to make compensations in the way we live our lives...
  • Nov, 2020
    • Nov 10, 2020
      This has been a difficult year for everyone both personally and professionally
  • Aug, 2020
    • Aug 5, 2020
      Hello, Availability is still an issue for the majority of products and we are still encouraging customers to call..
  • Jun, 2020
    • Jun 9, 2020
      We are trying our best, we work with many different manufacturer and distributors who have all been affected by the lock down through staff, supply chain or courier.
  • Mar, 2020