Apex Shed Range

Traditional Apex style roof wooden sheds in this collection include Heavy Duty Apex sheds and Apex Roof Workshops as well as a range of budget sheds from a variety of reliable and proven quality shed manufacturers Shed Distributors and Shed installers. 

Looking for something special in a size that we don't display then why not ask us and we can check with the workshop for the best price on a bespoke shed made to order.

Step into a world where outdoor storage is not just a necessity but a statement of style and functionality. Explore our Apex Wooden Sheds collection to discover how these structures can elevate your garden or backyard. From enhancing curb appeal to providing efficient storage solutions, our sheds are designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Apex Shed, Transverse Apex Shed, Hip Apex Shed, whichever type of Apex Shed we can probably help, 

Choose from the ever popular apex shed range or the more decorative hobby apex shed range, as you move up in quality then the Supreme Apex Shed range locally our best selling apex shed range and if you are needing an apex shed more substantial than the rest then you should be looking at the Heavy Duty Apex Shed Range or the Ryton Apex Shed Range

The popular sizes of Apex shed include 8x6 shed and 6x4 shed these sheds are quite common in a lot of gardens all around the country. There are a selection of quality sheds to choose from you can choose the basic overlap clad shed, shiplap tongue and groove shed and even the heavy duty shiplap sheds or loglap sheds.



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