Ask us a question direct from the product

Jul 18, 2023

Asking a question directly from a product page means we can answer on the product page. If you need to know a particular dimension that has not been detailed in the current description or what is the best treatment for your shed or you have delivery access restrictions for your log cabin and not sure how to move forward whatever the question even if you might think its a silly question, please ask. We try and answer as many questions in the content but there will always be the chance that something is missed either way it might be useful to share the question and help build the knowledge base.

The chances are if you have thought of a question that is not clear about the product you are looking at then somebody else has probably also thought of the same question and if we are not aware of the query we cant fix it. 

When you ask a question we will answer as promptly as we can and it will help naturally evolve our site and hopefully make it easier for future customers when they are finalising their purchases.

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