Log Cabin Style Garden Buildings

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Log Cabins for sale for your garden, Corner Log Cabins for sale, Log Cabin Garages, Flat Roof Log Cabins and Apex Roof Log Cabins

There are many log cabins for sale here on our website but the amount of configurations are almost limitless choose from a range of quality log cabin manufacturers each offering their own log cabin features and benefits. if you have a log cabin size in mind or a log cabin style that you would prefer send us the detail and let us source the log cabin for you

We can bespoke log cabins so if you can't find the log cabin here that suits your needs we are able to help design your log cabin and manufacture a bespoke log cabin to suit your requirements. Simply contact us for more details.

These log cabins are designed for self assembly and it is quite satisfying to look out at your cabin that you built but just in case we also offer a log cabin installation service we have installed thousands of log cabins over the years and can quote for any log cabin assembly.

Log cabins can come in a range of different log thicknesses which will affect the price please be mindful cheapest may not be the best, try and find a happy medium when purchasing your log cabin consider things like wall log thickness, size of doors, check eaves height a popular way to make cheap log cabins is to reduce the height or shorten the doors and even to use thinner logs obviously less timber means cheaper price.

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