Lugarde Log Cabin Insulation

Enjoy your Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin all year round

Using your Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin as a living area, it is advisable to insulate it. You could use your summerhouse as a garden office, fitness area or gym, an extra living space or guest home. Insulation allows you to enjoy your summerhouse or log cabin not only in the colder months helping to keep your log cabin warm but in the summer months helping to keeping your log cabin cool. Regardless of how you are going to use it or the weather conditions in your region, we can offer a range of suitable insulation systems.

Insulation systems supplied directly

You can of course insulate your log cabin yourself. But if you’d like your summerhouse insulated upon delivery, by a professional, you can choose from our range of insulation systems. 

Floor insulation - to help prevent the cold from rising from below 

Roof insulation - to keep rising, warm air within the confines of your summerhouse in the winter and also help keep the hot air from the roof out in the summer 

Wall insulation - which is especially useful if you will be using a heater to bounce the heat around the inside. 

All Lugarde windows and doors come with double glazing as standard. This makes our summerhouses and log cabins ideal for extra insulation.

The properties of our various insulation systems are set out below:

Log Cabin Double Glazing

Roof insulation

  • 4cm thick insulation panels (60 x 120 cm)
  • Heat conducting capacity (Lambda value of 0.027 W/m)
  • Simple to install
  • Environmentally-friendly materials, CE certified, with FM approval
  • Panels are made of non-fibrous PIR hard foam with mineral glass fibre on two sides
  • The asphalt nails are used to secure the insulation between the shingles and the roof panelling
  • Waterproof
  • In the case of flat roofs, insulation can be installed on the inside instead of the outside. If you want to secure it on the inside, you can order an extra wooden ceiling to finish it all off

Log Cabin Roof Insulation

Floor insulation

  • This consists of thermal plates (60 × 120 cm) 4 cm thick
  • The panels are placed between the pressure-treated floor joists
  • The thermal panels fit perfectly between the floor rails and provide optimum insulation

Wall insulation

  • Extra inner wall made up of 19 mm thick wall panels that slide together easily due to a tongue and groove shape
  • Pressure-treated beams are secured to the walls. The special attachment clips for the beams (supplied) allow the external walls to move independently of the internal walls
  • Damp-proof foil
  • Top quality insulation 3 cm thick

Log Cabin Wall insulation

Whichever type of insulation you choose or a combination of all the options it will help with your log cabin space, man-cave or she-shed, hobby room or gym you want to be comfortable.

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