Telluria Steel Garden Rooms

Telluria Metal Buildings 

Strong and Durable - The galvanised supporting structure guarantees longevity. Steel is the material of the future.

Contemporary Look & Feel - A range of finish options for a contemporary, functional look & feel that dovetails effortlessly with most building styles and settings.

Quick and Easy Assembly - The system is made up of prefabricated components that are easy to assemble. Brief instruction or a concise manual is all that is needed for quick assembly.

Secure - Using steel means safer construction, less maintenance, fewer foundation issues and no need for heavy construction equipment.

No Maintenance - Do it the easy way with an Eleganto garden building. A steel construction requires less maintenance than a timber one.

Ecological Footprint - The constructions are 100% recyclable and can be reused. Being lightweight in construction, Telluria can be transported very efficiently. The buildings are supplied in kit format. Accordingly, no waste or surplus energy consumption, water or other resources exist.

Standard Features

Glazing - The windowed buildings are fitted with clear plexi opaque glass.

Insulation - The roofs are equipped with insulated steel sandwich panels (4cm). The free space between the walls provides for insulation to the building.

Secure Lock - The buildings has a solid latch and a sturdy lock that together blend beautifully into the gorgeous design.

Drainage - The buildings are equipped with a integrated gutter that drains the rainwater away.

Ventilated - The ventilation grill ensures that the room is sufficiently ventilated so that any exhaust fumes or other disturbing odours can easily find their way out.

Galvanised Steel - The external sheets are made of 0.9mm hot-dipped galvanised steel.

For More information please visit the Telluria FAQ's

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