Security Sheds

Security sheds are made with heavier timber framework for strength and also reduced size windows which allow a small amount of light but not easy access and are normally placed higher to minimise visibility inside the security shed.

Security sheds are available in both apex shed roof style and pent shed roof style

If you need a wooden shed and security is a key requirement then you are looking in the right place, built for strength and durability these security sheds will help slow down anyone that might be trying to gain entry. Security sheds normally have extra framework making it harder for anyone to try and break through a wall panel along with smaller windows which still allow light but restricting the view to what is inside and making it harder for anyone access your security shed through a window.

The security sheds normally have a more secure method of locking the doors such as a padlock protector bolt on the security shed door and also security hinges normally bolted from the inside making it more difficult for thieves to break the hinges to gain access.

Security sheds work as a practical storage shed for storing your gardening valuables but they are made stronger than the standard sheds specifically for added security, the security shed range is a popular choice if your shed is exposed or in a vulnerable area and has all the benefits of a standard shed but just a security shed version with all the features mentioned above.

Check the security shed range for sizes that are available but if you cant find the size you are looking for then please get in touch as we can bespoke a security shed if required to a size that suits your individual needs.


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