Palmako Log Cabin Range

This selection of log cabin garden buildings from Palmako offer a very diverse and flexible range from practical and simple tool sheds, children’s playhouses, romantic and cosy pavilions and grill houses to carports, wooden garages and of course, log cabins.

These log cabins and other buildings offer quality, flexibility and diversity. Our log cabins can be used as summer or weekend cottages, camping and residential houses or how about an outdoor sauna? If you need some addition space for an expanding family, a log cabin provides great addition space.

If you cannot find the product that you need among the houses in our catalogue, we are pleased to design a building to fit your requirements. Call our friendly team on 01604 780350 for a chat.

It is the policy of AS Palmako to avoid using wood that has been illegally harvested; wood from genetically modified trees; wood from areas where traditional or civil rights are violated; and wood from uncertified high conservation value old-growth forests, as described in the current FSC PBC policy, when applying the FSC policy.


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