Greenhouse Heaters

Greenhouse heaters for use by amateurs and professionals in a range of different size greenhouses.

Protect your plants and vegetables from the frost and cold during the winter with this selection of greenhouse heaters available in a range of styles and suitable for a range of different greenhouse sizes.

We have a simple range of greenhouse heaters so if you are looking for a traditional paraffin greenhouse heater for the smaller greenhouses or a electric thermostatically controlled heaters for the ease of use and slightly larger greenhouses we have options to suit. For the more heavy duty requirement if you have a large greenhouse or looking for a more automated requirement there are the LPG or natural gas fuelled greenhouse heaters.

The final option to consider is the fan heaters which are a good choice to help keep the air circulating which helps reduce condensation build up and also reduces the chance of any hot spots in the greenhouse most of the fan heaters can also be suspended if you prefer to have a hanging greenhouse heater.

Regardless of whether you have a greenhouse, grow tunnel or poly tunnel, if you want to protect your plants or crops during the colder months then these greenhouse heater options are a good place to start.

Freestanding greenhouse heaters or hanging patio heaters both options are available within this category of greenhouse heaters. It may not be the biggest range but it should at least cover all the bases so whichever size of greenhouse you have we can surely help keep it warm this winter


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