Popular Apex Shed Range

The Popular range of apex sheds are excellent value for money

Our Ready Built shed range consists of a wide variety of high quality wooden sheds, made to order and delivered free of charge (Fitting Optional) in the Midlands area for the popular apex shed range.

The Popular Apex Shed Range from UKGB is the level entry model built to a price but not sacrificing on quality using 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding for the walls and only tongue and groove planks for the roof and floor (no chipboard, OSB or Sterling board), the windows are glass and depending on the size can be situated in a variety of positions

We also offer a wide range of both practical and aesthetic upgrades, including toughened glass, heavy duty flooring, factory painting and tanalisation means that you can customise these buildings to your own specification.

The next building up from the popular apex shed range is the Supreme Apex Shed Range which has a wider door, two diagonal cross supports in each of the four walls is approximately 15cm taller at the eaves and ridge so essentially more timber and a more sturdy building (not that there is anything wrong with the popular apex shed range)

These superbly built garden buildings represent real value for money – a comprehensive selection of wooden sheds, garages, security sheds, storage solutions and workshops mean there is something here for everyone.


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