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Steel of Life 
TELLURIA is an easy-to-install steel construction system. The countless benefits of steel mean this system will play a vital role in the future; its flexibility inspires the realisation of people’s dream constructions.
On-site Production
All TELLURIA components are of European origin and produced at our site in Belgium. Our fully standardised and automated production process is continuously monitored, resulting in premium products. The components and constructions are comprehensively and stringently tested, using only high-grade materials. As a result, they can cope with extreme conditions (they are fire-resistant and can withstand high winds).

Do you offer a manufacturers guarantee?

We provide a 20-year guarantee against rust on our Elegance, Luminato and Garage ranges. The warranty is voided when grinding in or near the materials.

What are my door placement options?

The model type determines whether a single or double door is provided. You cannot choose this yourself. The door is always located at the front of the Telluria Elegance or Luminato installation. It is not possible to place the door on the side.

How do I ensure correct water drainage at installation?

The water drainage pipe is always located at the rear, right-hand side of your Telluria installation. If you opt for an extension to the left, the water drainage pipe is located at the rear on the right Garage 3654 + 5436 Plus + Luminato 5436: The water drain pipe is located on the left-hand side at the rear.

What sort of base do I need?

Before installing your Telluria building, it is essential that you have a foundation that is flat and level. Failure to create a flat/level foundation will mean spacers will be required, and this will create an opening under the frame where water can penetrate.

What is the current lead time?

We will deliver directly to the customer in 10-15 working days from them ordering.

How are the buildings delivered?

Due to the buildings' material and weight, they are delivered on a sizeable 7.5-ton lorry, equivalent to a dustbin lorry. The lorries should be able to access most places, but if you have any concerns with access to your property, please contact us before placing an order. Please note delivery will be made to the front of the property or the nearest location.
The buildings are delivered on a palette, and our drivers will not carry the building inside your home or back garden.

Telluria Metal Garden Buildings Telluria Metal Garden Buildings

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