Bird Hide, Animal Hide

We were recently asked to bespoke build a Bird Watching shed for a customer and organise delivery to a reasonably remote location on the Scottish Borders

From start to finish the customer was exceptionally polite and communicated exceptionally well but also quite specific about the detail.

Working from a very detailed brief we contacted our manufacturing partners and calculated the best prices we could after a series of emails back and forth with the customer confirming the details around the delivery agreeing the prices etc the building was ordered.

After eight weeks in production we accepted the delivery into the garden centre where we checked the components before sending onto to Scotland, we used a reliable local haulier who we have been working with for many years who use Moffat forklifts attached to the back of the lorry. they got as close to the delivery site as they could with the lorry and used the forklift to take the few hundred yards to the customers storage area until they were ready to assemble.

A few weeks later the customer managed to organise labour and get the building to the final place where they assembled the building.

It looks stunning! a 2m x 2m Bird Hide or Bird Watching shed which will give them hours of protection from the elements whilst still enabling them to watch the birds and other wildlife.

Three windows with internal lockable shutters, a shelf to rest the cameras/binoculars etc on, a bench seat so they can rest a lockable door for security when they are not on site.

The building was made using heavy duty framework, heavy duty cladding, heavy duty floor all pressure treated so guaranteed against rot and wood eating insects for ten years. The roof was covered with heavy duty felt

This is a building that was designed by the customer and made to last.

It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project and we are pleased with the results

The customer has provided the below feedback

Good Day Adam,

At long last the hide has been built.  Last week a team got together to transport and erect the hide.   I have since made a couple of visits and everybody I’ve been in touch with have been pleased with it.

As you asked I have taken some photographs and these will come to you by  They are print quality should you wish to use them in this way or cut them down for posting on your website.  You will probably notice a difference between the first 2 and the remainder.  These were taken quickly after erection and are only the front.  The lock hadn’t been put on until later, nor was the interior finished.  After these items were done the hide was secured by inserting the stobs at the corners.

Adam I know this has been a long drawn out process but in the end it has been worth it.  Perhaps it will bring you additional business and hides will be built in other locations offering similar pleasure to others.

Thanks, and Best Regards


If you are interested in a bespoke Bird Watching Shed, Bird Hide or any other Shed, Workshop or garden Building then please contact us to discuss your own requirements such as the layout of the building, as many permeations are possible. You may have additional requirements such as alternative cladding, security hinges, double doors, stable doors, heavy duty locks or security windows. Several other options are also available; strengthened floors, partitions, and even roll on – roll off roofs.

We specialise mainly in bespoke buildings. If you would like to have a building built to your dimensions or specifications whether it be a small kennel or a 6 bedroom log cabin then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more examples of our bespoke buildings please visit

Moving on…

Brooklyn Log Cabin

Brooklyn Log Cabin from Lugarde one of our quality manufacturing partners

Its been an interesting few months. BT eventually managed to install our new phone lines at Woodmeadow Garden Centre and we have, after much long awaited anticipation moved our sales office into the Brooklyn Log Cabin that’s at the front of the garden centre.

Over the last couple of years as our industry has evolved and as garden fashions are ever changing so has our business changed, we have a new team of cabin fitters, new suppliers with new ranges of products, new display buildings and greenhouses at our new garden centre, new challenges everyday. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

It is not possible for us to be the cheapest supplier of log cabins and cheapest sheds but our aim is to offer a wide range of Garden Buildings at the best prices we can. Cheap garden buildings are not always the best way forward and although we sell them as a part of our range we always try and advise our customers to consider the better quality sheds and summerhouses

Denbigh Summerhouse

Last years best seller the Denbigh Summerhouse

or the quality log cabins that for only a little extra have better accessories, buy cheap buy twice is a saying that’s been drilled into me over the years and is a common thing I talk about with customers in the garden centre when they are complaining about a cheap alternative that they have purchased and it only lasted for one year.

Buy cheap… Buy twice…Ring us for friendly advice or pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

Winter Gardening Tips

While you can, it’s a good idea to have a good clean up! Have a go at sorting out the garden; here are a few tips to do this winter. Try tiding the garden shed, make things easier to find, throw out anything you no longer need. Gather all the tools you have been using over the past few months, and give them a good clean, get rid of all the dirt and rust. You can use a mild detergent to disinfect your pots if needed.

Check your sheds, gates and fences for any rot or damage, you will want to sort that out before the snow and strong winds start! Now the grass has stopped growing so fast it’s a good idea to leave it alone and let it have a bit of breathing space. But don’t forget to dead head any autumn-flowering plants before the frost starts!

With all these dead leaves and cuttings, now is the perfect time to start a compost bin. If you already have one, try giving it a stir to help speed the process up a little. While you’re at it, put out some fat blocks and other food, this will help out the local wildlife. This will also mean that frogs, birds and hedgehogs will stay in your garden, by the spring they will repay the favour by keeping the typical pests at bay!

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A New Season Has Begun Today

Many of you may or may not be aware that Wednesday 23rd September is officially the first day of Autumn. Most people have their personal favourite time of the year, a lot of people prefer the warmer months of Summer while others prefer the colder snowy climates of Winter. I am very pleased to say that Autumn is my favourite, I love to see the gorgeous seasonal colours start to appear on the trees and love the weather which, although cooler now, is not as harsh and bitter cold as the Winter period which is looming on the horizon.

Taylors Garden BuildingsThe one and only down side to this season (in my opinion) is  the mess that is caused by the falling leaves, in my youth I used to love charging through the huge piles that gathered on the pavements and kicking them up as high as I possibly could. Obviously being a grown-up I can’t really do that nowadays (unless I am absolutely sure that no one is watching – then it is a free for all in my case!).

Unfortunately the falling leaves are non biased about where they land and you will undoubtedly come down one morning to find your perfectly manicured lawn awash with the pests!  Not only that, if you don’t get rid of them fairly soon your lawn will soon turn in to a mulch pit – not a pretty sight!

The Bosch Cordless Garden Leaf Blower

Garden Leaf Blower

Luckily we have a good selection of garden tools and machinery to help with this dilemma, we have several blowers on our site which can help to move the leaves in to a more manageable area to be scooped up and disposed of in an orderly fashion. All of our blowers are portable and handheld for easier control and are available in either electric or petrol versions.

Flymo Scirocco Electric Vacuum

Flymo Scirocco Electric Vacuum

A good alternative to the trusty blower is a vacuum, these suck the leaves up and collect them in to a bag for you. Many of these also mulch the leaves down ready to be composted which not only saves time but is also highly beneficial for your garden and helps you to prepare for next year when your garden will start to come alive again.

Petrol Pro Shredder

Petrol Pro Shredder

Other useful devices for this time of year are our shredders which can also help to dispose of garden rubbish by reducing it down in size and thereby making it easier to fit in to your garden waste wheelie bin.  We have electric and petrol models available with a good range of prices to suit all tastes and budgets.

Also of interest could be somewhere to store your equipment, we have many options for this ranging from smaller wooden garden storage units and sheds or similar models manufactured in metal or plastic.

Whether you are an avid gardener or not there is almost certainly going to be something that might be if interest to you.  These machines will definitely make your life easier by removing the back breaking aspect of garden maintenance or at the very least put you in to your partners good books for a while!

Thanks for reading!

Five Tips for Painting Your Wood Shed

A wood shed in a garden can provide great storage space for wood and other stuff. Furthermore, wood is often preferred for building a shed since it is a natural material and therefore it enhances the garden environment. However, if you wish to paint your wood shed, you must be careful to do the job correctly in order to apply a protective coating on your shed to protect it from water penetration and even pests. Hence, here are some tips which you should consider before starting painting your wood shed.

1. Surface Preparation

Preparing the surface is the most important step when painting a wood shed because if you don’t have a surface that is free of dirt, loose paint or other debris, you are going to end up with flaking and blistering down the rot. Hence, if your wood shed is made from bare wood, you don’t have to do any scraping or sanding. So, all you need to do is use a pressure washer to clean up your wood shed so you will have a nice clean surface to paint on.

2. Using the Pressure Washer

Before you start using the pressure washer, make sure to repair or replace any loose or broken boards from the shed. Additionally, try also to work in a set pattern while you spray to avoid missing some spots while cleaning others repeatedly. Remember to clean all surfaces that will be painted and not just the obvious ones. Once ready, leave the shed to dry for a day.

3. Apply a Paint Primer

Once the shed is completely dry, you can apply an oil-based primer before starting painting. The primer will seal any holes and will prevent any pests to feed themselves from the wood. Hence, before you apply the primer remember to mask off anything you don’t want material sprayed on. Moreover, if you are using a paint gun for painting the shed, try to maintain a level spray pattern throughout the entire spraying motion and avoid spraying in an arc.

4. Painting the Shed

Once the shed is cleaned and primed you can start the painting process. At this point, it is recommended to use a paint gun rather than a brush in order to evenly paint the wood shed. If necessary, try to apply the paint in thinner coats rather than in one heavy coat to avoid runs, drips and sags. You should also hold the sprayer level at a distance of about 10 inches or 12 inches from the surface and move at a steady pace until you spray all the shed. Furthermore, overlap the spray pattern by approximately 30% to achieve even coverage.

Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment 5L

5. Check for Missing Spots

Once you have sprayed all the surfaces of the wood shed, check the shed for any spots that you have missed during spraying. If you find some, carefully spray them and make sure that you maintain the coating evenly.

At this point, you will have your wood shed painted completely and ready to use. If you wish to have your wooden shed camouflaged among your garden trees and foliage, it is advisable to choose any green-toned paint and not a bright conspicuous colour.

Water tips for the garden…

As our summers are getting hotter and hotter our gardens need more and more water, but the cost can soon mount up. There are many ways to save water in the garden that will not only help your plants stay fresh but also save you money!

It’s all in the soil

The trick to soil is that the more organic matter it contains the better it will hold the moisture, so a lot of well-rotted manure and compost is a good start. It is also a lot easier than you think; in spring simply spread a layer of compost across your borders and let the worms mix it into the soil. If you are still struggling with keeping moisture in the soil why not create a wide planting hole and line it with perforated polythene and then add your plant to the hole and surround by compost. This will help improve the water retention and keep the moisture in the soil.

Adding mulch

Simply cover your well composted soil with things like gravel, pebbles and bark chips to help reduce the amount of water evaporation. This is also a great way to help reduce the amount of weeds that will grow through. It is best to apply through autumn and spring while the soil is still very moist. It can also look very pretty.

How you can collect water

Collecting water is very easy to do and is completely free not to mention it helps the environment. All you need to do is position a water butt where it can get the most water but also where they are easily accessible.

It’s all about when you water

In the mornings before the heat of the day sets in, especially during the long summer days. By watering in the mornings it will help to reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation. It will also mean that your plants are able to dry off before the evening to also reduce the amount of slug damage! Always water at the base of the plant and don’t waste the water on the foliage. A good watering every few days is better than a little but often as it encourages the roots to grow deep into the soil.

Not everything needs water

Water the fruit and vegetables most often as they are worth the attention. However plants like grasses don’t need as much water; even if they turn brown simply let it grow a little longer as they can cope without loads of water.

A simple guide for creating a herb garden.

If you want to spend more time in the garden but don’t know where to start, or even if you simply want to improve your cooking, a herb garden could be a great start! This is a simple guide for planting a herb garden as well as their uses and some quick tips.


Basil helps to make a delicious pesto for pizza/pasta when chopped finely and added to olive oil or why not try it as a garnish for a salad?

When planting bsil it is best to use well drained, rich soil so a normal plant pot is usually the best option. But remember that basil does love the sun, so a patio in the summer and a sunny window in the winter is a good start.

For planting it is best to sow around May/June in seed trays to start, then once the seedlings are around 3 inches tall start to place into individual pots. Then start hardening off the plants by leaving them outside during the day and then bringing them inside at night, just remember lots of liquid feed! Around July time the leaves should be ready for harvest.


Mint is great to be used in teas or added to roast lamb, and even to be added to a salad.
It is usually best to grow in a pot simply due to the fact mint can get a little out of hand in the garden. Use a good rich moist soil and you should be good to go. Just remember to put it in a sunny spot for the mornings.

Mint typically grows to around 1 or 2 feet tall, and requires minimal attention and therefore is a good plant to start with, just be careful as it will spread and takeover unless placed in a pot. A nice idea is to plant by a path so when you walk past, your feet brushing the leaves to release the fragrance.


Coriander is mostly used in indian recipes and adds a very fragrant element to spicy dishes; it is great for use in curry dishes, or why not add some carrot and coriander for a great soup.

Usually coriander struggles in constant sun and so it’s best to plant in a pot so you can move it around but make sure the pot is quite deep to allow for the tap root. A nice shaded spot at midday is ideal.

When growing in beds outside it is best to start off as seeds and then keep the soil moist as coriander does not like dry conditions. It is known to lose the foliage if transplanted out of seed trays.


Like mint, chives are a very diverse herb and can be widely used in cooking, they are similar to garlic and onions and so work well with risotto or hummus.

The best conditions are full sunshine and well-drained soil, but can also grow in partial shade and heavier soils. If used often it is best to use some sort of fertiliser. Even though the flowers do look pretty, the plant will grow a lot more if the buds are removed.


Very common in french cooking with fish dishes, or can also be used with potatoes.

Very chalky soil is great for growing parsley in the garden as they love the neutral-alkaline soils. If your soil is not chalky then a plant pot where you can actually manage the soil is great too. Placing in the sun or even a partial shade will help it to thrive.


Sage can be used sparingly for many different recipes. You can also partner sage with onion in a stuffing or use when cooking pork.

This can be very difficult to plant correctly as sage is very particular on the soil type and location. Usually you should keep it well drained or dry and in a neutral to alkaline soil. Best kept in full sunlight and does not like low light in winter.

A good tip is to be very generous when pruning this herb in the spring as this will encourage a fresh, full foliage.

Enjoy your garden during the summer with a gazebo…

With summer upon us, there is a rise in sales to do with gazebos as they become a popular addition to our gardens.

Being a multipurpose shelter; it can shelter us from unexpected rain, shade you from the harsh sun or hide you from neighbours… What’s not to love?

Today we’re going to be talking about how to choose the correct gazebo to perfectly compliment your garden for years to come!

A gazebo makes for a perfect shelter for all occasions, making a great way to house an outside party or just a play area for your children so they are protected from the sun in summer. One thing you must remember though is to check what space you have to spare for a gazebo. There is not much point buying a gazebo that covers the whole garden!

What will you use it for? If you can justify a reason for buying a gazebo then it might be time for you to go out and get one, but depending on what you are using it for will determine what kind you may need. For instance they come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Below I will walk you through some of the more popular designs of gazebo and remember, buying a gazebo is supposed to enhance the house and garden you already have.

Let’s start with Pop-up Gazebos.

Pop-up gazebos are a quick way and efficient way to enhance the average BBQ or even get some shade from the sun while you set up a car boot. The best part is that it is completely portable and can be erected in 10 minutes or less (depending on size).

Ensure the gazebo is secured firmly to the floor because it has a lightweight portable frame and if caught by strong winds it may have a tendency to take flight.

Next we will talk about a Pavilion Gazebo.

A pavilion gazebo is perfect for large garden parties that you may be expecting in the hype of summer.  With its large and spacious design, it makes the perfect protection from the seasons alike, with an added bonus of being a beautiful feature in your garden.

Lastly we will talk about fixed gazebos.

There are two types of fixed gazebo, semi-permanent structures and permanent structures.

Semi-permanent gazebos are designed to perform perfectly all year round, through all seasons and weather but can be dismantled to be put away if the space is needed for something else. This is a great option for someone with the smaller garden and doesn’t want to commit to having a permanent gazebo instead.

A permanent gazebo is a structure that will last you year-in and year-out, often made of wood. A permanent gazebo makes a great area for social meetings or just a place to enjoy the weather in the shade. The best part about a permanent gazebo is that you can buy box standard or you can have a bespoke design made for your back garden that can include inbuilt seating areas or maybe even have your BBQ built into it!

Gera Log Cabin  (2.4m x 2.4m)

With every addition to your garden or house, you have to consider health and safety.

If you consider building a gazebo, health and safety is paramount. Make sure the gazebo is properly constructed and if you want to include a BBQ then you have to make sure the material is flame retardant. Any hanging objects like loose rope should be secured so guests or children don’t hurt themselves.

And above all, have fun this summer. You deserve it.

Enjoy your garden by selecting and maintaining your furniture…

With summer around the corner, you’ve bought some new garden furniture to impress but have no idea how to maintain it… Today we are going to be talk about how to properly maintain your garden furniture so you can keep it in good nick for next summer!
These tips and tricks are suitable for all garden furniture made from plastic, hardwood, softwood and metal materials. The maintenance of a piece of furniture completely depends on the furniture’s material. In this guide we will be talking about the four most common kinds of material.

Plastic furniture by far is the easiest to maintain. Just make sure to clean it regularly to avoid water marks on the plastic. This should be especially done with light coloured or white plastic furniture to avoid discolouration or yellowing of the plastic.
The only downside to using plastic furniture is if it is left out in the cold weather or very hot weather for extended periods of time it can become brittle, so it is best to store it immediately after using them with a protective cover for those cold winter months!

Hardwood furniture is one of the more complex materials to clean and maintain but it is also the more durable. Some of the most common of the hardwoods would be teak, courbaril, roble, cumaru, iroko and eucalyptus, what are all contain high levels in natural oils, making them weather resistant!
The only maintenance that is required on is to wash off any dirt or algae that may be accumulating from it being in a damp space. This should only need to be done a couple times a year if the wood you have bought is of good quality!
A good piece of advice would be to keep the wood away from anything damp to avoid algae from growing on the wood. A protective cover would be a good option.

Softwood furniture is the cheaper but more demanding version of hardwood furniture and requires a bit more attention in the winter months. To keep softwood furniture in good nick it requires regular checks and cleaning with a recommended wood cleaner. Do not use soap and water because this can remove a layer of protective paint or preservative.
Preservative should be added at least twice a year to make sure that the wood stays the same colour and keeps to the same shape as softwood tends to warp when exposed to moisture too often.

Metal furniture needs to be cleaned about once a month, checking for rust and repair it by removing any rust and applying rust preventing paint. Metal furniture should be repainted every 1-2 years to make sure the weather barrier is well maintained. It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle of WD-40 in the shed if it has any joints or fixings that require free movement. I would include oiling the joints in the monthly cleaning of the furniture.
If you follow these simple tips and tricks then you will be able to keep your garden furniture going for years to come!

Not Just For Grown-ups……

It’s not just the grown-ups who can find something at Taylors.

As well as a vast range of Summerhouses, Sheds, Garages and Storage Solutions we also have a range of Playhouses, Games and Vehicles for your little ones. It may well be the ideal time to start looking for something for the summer to keep your little ones amused, especially as the dreaded summer holidays are rapidly approaching!

My KIngdom

My kingdom

One of my favourite things when I was little was my wendy house, it was  very flimsy looking back (it was basically just a push together plastic framework affair with a cover over the top). It wasn’t the grandest of houses but it did have a plastic window and pair of flaps acting as a doorway (it was very similar to the one pictured on the right except mine was vinyl – with the added luxury of a real chimney I might add!). I loved it and spent a lot of time in it with my action figures recreating key scenes from the latest Doctor Who episode or Star Wars movie (that little yellow house was everything from the TARDIS to Jabbas Palace on the inside at various times!).

How times have changed!

We have “Wendy” houses on our site but long gone is the need to weigh them down with rocks and stones on a windy day, also long gone is that searing temperature inside that shot up in the summertime as the hot sun penetrated the plastic covering. The houses available nowadays are often made of wood and have all the luxuries such as real doors and windows, felt roofing and even, in some cases, stairways leading up to a second level (oh to be a child again!).


Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Swiss Cottage Playhouse

We have many Playhouses available on our site starting from as little as £200, we have designs that range from the classic apex style with forward facing window and door all the way up to Swiss Cottages and Dutch Barns. Many of our playhouses can be painted a colour of your choice (quite often more than one colour if need be). We have playhouses that are raised up on a platform with balustrades and ladders which provide safety and are ideal for wannabe pirates or space invaders!


The Jailhouse 8x8

The Jailhouse 8×8

We have a very nice range of Ready Built Playhouses which are very popular, for a set price you can have your building delivered and installed all in one go (depending on your location). This takes all the stress out of frantically trying to build the house while being hassled by a mini Darth Vader who is desperate to get inside his new kingdom to plot universal domination!

These buildings are long lasting , durable and guaranteed to give many years of fun and excitement for your children. Buying one of these can be  a real investment but not just in financial terms, money can increase and decrease in value all the time.

Childhood memories? They are always priceless!!

Childhood memories

Childhood memories