Garden Furniture

How beautiful has the weather been this past week or two?

For the first time so far this year we are using our beloved gardens for what they are meant to be for – to sit outside in nice weather, enjoying our plants, soaking up a few rays and having a nice glass of wine or two.

A rather embarrassing thing happened to me last week, after spending some time outdoors tending plants and tidying up the lawn I decided to take a well earned break and have a sit in the sun. With a glass in hand and my mobile in the other I plopped myself in to one of our faithful garden chairs only to have the thing collapse underneath me!! (This is actually true by the way and not fabricated to give you all a laugh at my expense – it was witnessed by my partner who found it very amusing to say the least!).

Looking back on it I probably did look funny squatted there on the floor surrounded by splinters of wood with a glass of wine in my hand (which oddly enough hadn’t spilled a drop).

The chair in question was an old fold away chair made of wood which we have had for many years, we had left them out over the winter so obviously the cold and damp had caused it to perish. (Note to self – store our furniture during cold spells!).

Luckily, being an employee of Taylors Garden Buildings, I have a large database of quality garden furniture to peruse and I am in the midst of doing so. Might go for one of our brushed steel sets this time!

So, with the beautiful weather in full swing I am sure that many of you will be looking for some new furniture for your gardens/patios and hopefully your reasons for doing so will be considerably more dignified than mine!!

Garden furniture

Not actually my chair in question but it gives you an idea!

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