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The Apent Shed

The Apent gives the best of both worlds.

With all the advantages of the Pent roof style plus the extra storage height that comes with the Apex style.

All our buildings are dip treated using a wood preserver. This allows the preserver to soak into the timber and is longer lasting than other methods of treatment.

We offer an all-inclusive price which includes delivery and fitting by our friendly experienced fitters within the area shown on the map. All other areas please contact us and we will advise delivery pricing.  

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
METROAPENT4X4 The Apent Shed 4'x4'
  • £475.00
METROAPENT5X4 The Apent Shed 5'x4'
  • £495.00
METROAPENT7X5 The Apent Shed 7'x5'
  • £545.00
METROAPENT8X6 The Apent Shed 8'x6'
  • £580.00
METROAPENT10X6 The Apent Shed 10'x6'
  • £710.00
METROAPENT12X6 The Apent Shed 12'x6'
  • £830.00
METROAPENT8X8 The Apent Shed 8'x8'
  • £855.00
METROAPENT10X8 The Apent Shed 10'x8'
  • £930.00
METROAPENT12X8 The Apent Shed 12'x8'
  • £1040.00