Malvern Bewdely Pent Shed

Malvern provide the most comprehensive range of quality garden buildings available in the UK today. Established in the 1970's and based in England Malvern have built an unrivalled reputation for using quality materials combined with workmanship to create a diverse and wonderful range of timber garden buildings.

Various options are available with these diverse sheds including pressure treated deal, 20mm deal, cedar cladding, workbenches, toughened glass and floor bearers. With all the options you are sure to find a perfect high quality shed at the right price.

We can of course manufacture to your complete requirements should you not find what you are looking for. Please see this link for some examples of our own work; Taylors Bespoke Sheds

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
MALVERN - BewdleyPent6'x4' Bewdley Pent Shed 6'x4'
  • £745.83
  • 745   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent8'x4' Bewdley Pent Shed 8'x4'
  • £862.50
  • 862   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent7'x5' Bewdley Pent Shed 7'x5'
  • £870.83
  • 870   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent8'x6' Bewdley Pent Shed 8'x6'
  • £970.83
  • 970   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent10'x6' Bewdley Pent Shed 10'x6'
  • £1241.67
  • 1241   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent8'x8' Bewdley Pent Shed 8'x8'
  • £1279.17
  • 1279   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent10'x8' Bewdley Pent Shed 10'x8'
  • £1583.33
  • 1583   – Reward points
MALVERN - BewdleyPent12'x8' Bewdley Pent Shed 12'x8'
  • £1800.00
  • 1800   – Reward points