We are still open

Nov 10, 2020

This has been a difficult year for everyone both personally and professionally we have all had to make compromises and adapt but most of all I think we have to have empathy and understanding as each of our individual perspectives and circumstances are different.

From our perspective we have many customers that have been understanding of the situation and the supply chain issues we have faced this year, many suppliers who we have had good working relationships with for many years where we continue to support each other.

Some of the ranges have been temporarily suspended and in some cases without notice and some of the services have been reduced but we have to understand this is to protect the teams of people throughout the supply chain who are already working overtime, nights and weekends to keep up with the demand.

It is for these reasons that we encourage customers to call us before placing orders to check availability and lead times as we work to get things back to normal and appreciate your understanding in the meantime

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