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Tack Timber Construction

Tack are well known for their style and diversity. The range includes buildings from small garden sheds to large log cabins used as housing. Tack stands for 'quality, originality and professional skills'. If you order a tack building you will be sure to receive both a high quality finished building as well beautifully finished accessories.

The possibilities with Tack buildings are endless, with many combinations and sizes available. This website features just a small selection to give you an idea of the available options. This means you can design a functional building to suit both your space and style.

Tack offer five ranges of buildings:

  Modern Garden BuildingsThese modern wooden structures are designed to offer innovative solutions to blend in with your gardens natural atmosphere. The range includes both flat and pyramid roofed, sectional and log cabin buildings.

 Cottage Garden Buildings: This range of cottage style sheds, summerhouses and log cabins are a range of beautiful garden buildings. With a variety of finishes available such as red-cedar shingles it is possible to achieve the ultimate cottage effect.

 Traditional Garden BuildingsThis range of buildings shows that traditional does not have to be old-fashioned. The range includes sectional and log buildings, both large and small. There are many options available to add your personal touch such as, decorative fascia boards.

 Leisure Buildings: These wooden buildings offer a special warmth and charm impossible to achieve with other materials. These buildings are ideal for holiday homes, guest houses or even a swimming pool changing room, the possibilities are endless. Available in log thicknesses up to 90mm

 Garages:  This range of garages offer a cost effective solution for storing your vehicles. The range includes  modern, traditional and cottage style garages available in both sectional and log cabin styles. This means there is a garage to suit all tastes and budgets.


Made-to Measure constructions allow you to design the perfect building for your style and requirements. Which in turn will offer a fantastic surplus value to your home. The large range of sizes, walls, roofs, doors and windows offer a variety of building options. Whatever your requirements if you contact us we will be to help you design a solution and offer you a price.

Made To Measure BuildingInside of a Made-To-Measure Building
Made-To-Measure BuildingInside of a Made-To-Measure Building
Example of a made-to-measure building
Made-to-Measure Building

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 Windows and Doors
To help you design a building for your style and requirements all buildings have a range of windows and doors available. For example, extra windows or solid wood door. The possibilities vary according to the building.

Examples of windows available include; small focus windows, fixed Georgian style windows and Bottom hinged Georgian windows.

Examples of doors available include; Frosted Glass single and double doors, frosted glass sliding doors, solid wood single and double doors, Cottage style doors, 1/2 glazed doors, 3/4 glazed doors and Georgian style glazed doors.

With all these options available, whatever building you choose the design can be completely tailored to your style.


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Tack offer a range of both sectional and log cabin buildings. All buildings are manufactured from fine grained Northern European Pine. This wood has been chosen for two reasons, its unique quality and structure and also the renewable forests it is sourced from. The stringent ecological guidelines ensure that more trees are planted than are cut down.

Sectional Buildings: These buildings are manufactured from pre-mounted panels untreated 19mm tongue and groove pine, 22mm untreated rounded tongue and groove pine and 16.5mm feather edge boards.

Log Buildings: These buildings are available in a range of thicknesses including, 28mm and 34mm single tongue and groove and 45mm, 69mm and 90mm double tongue and groove. It is also possible to choose laminated, rounded logs or diamond headed logs for many of these thicknesses.


Many thicknesses are available to cater to your needs for example, the 90mm wall logs are perfect for log cabins to be used as a home all year round.

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