Summerhouse Wood Treatment and Accessories

Summerhouse Wood Treatment

Here at Taylors Garden Buildings we offer a brilliant range of wood treatments for your summerhouse, Log Cabin, Wooden Shed or even your Garage. The Wood Treatment is perfect for bringing the life back into your garden building, with its new fresh paint job.

The Wood Treatment is a superb product which protects your building from damaged caused by insects, moisture and decay fungi. The Treatment is also designed to enhance the look and style of your garden building.

Plastic and Wooden Summerhouse Base Systems

One of the most important considerations for your new garden building is the base. Regardless of style or size of building, it is essential that a base is straight, level, square and will not be susceptible to subsidence at a later date. A base should ideally be constructed to the footprint of the building to ensure rainwater does not sit on the base and can instead drain away.

There are four main types of bases; concrete, paving slab, timber framed or plastic interlocking grids. Within this category we are able to offer an eco-friendly solution to base laying with the Ecobase and Hawklok systems. Lightweight and effective, both systems eliminate the need for the laying of a traditional concrete of paving slab base. Utilising plastic interlocking grids, this system can be placed directly onto ground for simple installation.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
WP Colours Protek Wood Stain and Protect 5L
  • £34.58
WP Clear Tough Coat Protek Clear Tough Coat Wood Protector 5L
  • 2% less
  • £46.24
Ecobase 6' x 4' wide option 1 Ecobase Shed Base System 6' x 4' Option 1
  • £90.42
Ecobase 7' x 5' wide Option 1 Ecobase Shed Base System 7' x 5' Option 1
  • £113.33
Ecobase 6' Wide Ecobase Shed Base System for 6' Wide Buildings
  • £100.58
Ecobase 8' Wide Buildings Ecobase Shed Base Support 8' Wide Buildings
  • £157.17
Ecobase 10' Wide Buildings Ecobase Shed Base System 10' Wide Buildings
  • £257.75
Ecobase 12' wide Ecobase Shed Base System 12' Wide
  • £352.00
barretine 5L Barrettine Wood Preserver 5L
  • £24.99
Shed Base 10 x 6 portabase Wooden Shed Base 10'x6'
  • £116.65
SKU3518 Ecobase Shed Base System for 7' Wide Buildings
  • £157.17
SKU7146 Ecobase Shed Base System Extra/Spare Panels
  • £16.83