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Support information on our Tuin range of Garden Buildings

Tuin offer a lovely selection of buildings all of which are made from Swedish timber which offer a denser, slow grown, tight grain which gives the finished product a higher level of quality, stability and longevity. Supplied by a Dutch manufacturer to high standards the Tuin range offer an original and unique design with a bespoke service too. The main benefit of Tuin in building is there are no finger joints in the construction. Numerous cheap log cabins on the market contain finger joints. This is a method that manufacturers use to make use of all the waste timber and effectively joins off cuts together forming a longer piece, as well as jointing some cheap manufacturers use a mixture of spruce and pine which can look very unsightly.

Further information including the installation instructions and plan drawings of the various buildings can be downloaded from our Customer Support Centre here:

  Tuin Log Cabin Downloads


 Tuin Log Cabins

Tuin offer an exceptional standard range which offers well priced, innovative and high quality buildings.  Also available is a full bespoke service and can make virtually any building you require up to 180mm thick logs.  Tuin are very careful to pick their designs carefully and this can be reflected even in the log end cut, the smaller ones are all diamond as these are considered to look nicer on a smaller building.  The larger, more functional buildings are straight end cut, incidentally one of the ways to tell if a manufacturer is one of quality is to look at the end cuts - are they straight?

Each building is manufactured from the finest quality kiln dried Nordic pine, this wood is very slow growing due to the low temperatures and produces and extremely tight grain resistant to rot, splitting and movement.

Tuin have a superb manufacturing facility where the full process takes place from start to finish from felling the timber from sustainable sources through to the milling and then onto the computer managed production, packing and final delivery to the end customer.  This is keeps costs down and removes middle men usually found within the supply chain, thus giving their customers an excellent product at a very reasonable price.

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Depending on your requirements or the building you are considering choosing the walls can be either sectional or interlocking logs in a range of thicknesses: the wall thicknesses are 28, 34, 40, 45, 50, 58 and 70mm. Tongue and groove are machined into the logs to interlock into each other. The 28, 34 and 40 are single tongue and groove, whilst the 45, 50 and 58 are double tongue and groove. The 70mm is triple tongue and groove providing an extremely stable structure.

The gable ends and the top of the walls are profiled to match the roof line providing a tight seal, again free from movement and ensuring that no gaps appear over the years and that no "trim" has to be used.


In exposed areas such as the Highlands or next to the beech we would recommend, as we do with all our log cabins the purchase of a storm kit.  This kit basically fixes the building together but with the spring connections it allows the building to move and the wood naturally contracts and expands


With all the Tuin range we offer a gutting pack which includes all the fittings and seals necessary for your required size of building.


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 Roof and floor
These buildings are supplied without a floor as in Europe a floor is rarely ordered, the European preferring to use tiles. Also in Europe the user tends to have a base exactly to the footprint of the building and favours the building going directly onto the base. Of course here in the UK we do enjoy our floor and our base may not always be exactly to the foot print which is why Tuin offers a number of simple options:

All the Tuin log cabins come with tanalised foundation beams, also offered as an option are profiled beams in hardwood or softwood, these are specially profiled to draw away water from the base of the cabin.  beneath the beam is an air gap to allow air circulation.

Foundation Tanalised Pack

Foundation Hardwood Pack

A profiled tanalised, softwood these are in 3m lengths and are cut to size at point of installation. They are profiled to ensure that any rain is drained away from the building. A profiled hardwood, these are in 3m lengths and are cut to size at point of installation.  They are profiled to ensure that any rain is drained away from the building.

Floor Pack

A floor pack covers 2.15m.sq and contains floor joists, flooring planks that are cut to size on site, the pack also contains enough nails for the pack. Several packs maybe required depending on the size of the building. There are two floor pack options available, a standard floor pack consists of 18mm thick T&G board whilst the heavy duty floor pack is 27mm.


All the roofs in this range are 19mm tongue and groove.  These are nailed into place over substantial purlins and along the apex's.


Roof Covering
As standard all our buildings are supplied with top quality roofing felt, although if preferred coloured felt roof shingles can be purchased as an optional extra; available in red, green, black, blue and brown. Three further roof covering options are also available; EPDM roofing foil, metal roof tiles or beaver tail roof shingles.

Coloured Roof Shingles

Coloured roof shingles

Shingle colours are available in Red, Green, Black, Blue and Brown.


Beaver Tail Roof Shingles

Beaver tail roof shingles

If you prefer beaver tail felt shingles are also available in Red, Green and Black, please contact us for prices.

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal toof tiles

The metal roof tiles are available in Terracotta, Charcoal or Black. 

EPDM Roof Foil


The rubber matting roof covering provides an alternative to your standard felt or shingles. Manufactured using ethylene, propylene and a small amount of diene monomer for outstanding weather resistance. This roof covering comes with a 10 year guarantee.


Roof Finial

Roof finial


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 Building Finish
As standard the buildings are supplied untreated other than the base beams when ordered, they will require treatment within two weeks of installation.  There are many preservatives on the market but we would always recommend using the best you can afford. Tuin offer many products for finishing the building such as impregnation fluid, wood stains and various wood paints.

A process where by the entire building is placed in a chamber and under hydraulic pressure has rot treatment made up of copper and zinc forced into the surface of the timber, this includes doors, windows roof and wall logs. This process ensure complete peace of mind that the entire building is resistant to rot for at least 10 years. This treatment is available in green or brown. The tanalisation process does not affect the application of any wood stains you may choose to use and is indeed recommended.

Tanalisation in Brown

Finishing Service
The finishing service offers a factory base coat option or a base and top coat option which includes the treatment of internal and external walls, doors and windows in a choice of opaque (solid) or translucent stain. With the base coat only the customer has the option to purchase the top coat which can be applied after installation. The paint recommended is a Linseed oil based European paint Perkoleum opaque or transparent which provides excellent impregnation and elasticity properties. A choice of 33 colour options are available.

Perkoleum Opaque

Perkoleum Transparent


Impregnation Fluid
The impregnation fluid is Linseed based and available in green or colourless 5 litre tins. This fluid is ideal for coating the entire building prior to a proprietary treatment to ensure complete resistance to rot.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions.


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Doors and Windows

As standard the windows have the following features:

  • Anodised Aluminium weather strips

  • Georgian Bars

  • Beaded glass in the windows and doors, all the buildings of 50mm and over are double glazed as standard.

  • The doors and windows arrive with the furniture ready fixed so you can be reassured that it has been tested prior to delivery.

  • Some windows have a turn and cant system operated by one hand.  This means the window can be tilted inwards to allow top ventilation or opened fully as required, of course these are extremely secure and lockable.

  • Also within the range are casement windows and top opening windows.

  • There are many windows and doors available to buy in our accessory ranges, all you need to do is cut the correct size hole.


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 Indoor and Outdoor Saunas
Tuin offer a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor saunas. Manufactured to the same high standard as the Tuin garden buildings, these saunas are a fantastic addition to any home whether indoor or outdoors. The outdoor saunas all follow the attractive traditional log cabin design. The indoor saunas are available in a standard square design as well as an unusual corner design. All saunas are fitted with benches and headrests, many include additional handrails.

 Delivery and Assembly

All the buildings are delivered by Tuin direct to you.  Deliveries are normally to kerbside but of course for a small extra charge we will unpack and remove them to a location of your choosing.  The packages are fully waterproof and come with all the necessary instructions and fitting for an easy DIY install.  Of course we can carry out the installation for you for complete piece of mind if you would prefer.


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The manufacturer offers a five year guarantee against defects in workmanship, if we install the building for you this is also guaranteed.  Such guarantees however only apply for those products which have been installed and which are treated according to the instructions and directions of Tuin. Wood is a unique, natural product and the finish on boards will therefore vary. Variation will therefore be seen in the grains and shades of colour. Such properties are normal in wood and cannot be considered as a defect. They have to be accepted as an unavoidable property of the product.

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