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Self Watering Seed Propagator 40 Cells
Self Watering Seed Propagator 40 Cells
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Self Watering 40 seed cell propagator

This very low cost units is designed for the gardener who is new to rapid see germination. Made from plastic and high insulation polystyrene, the units come complete with a water reservoir, a 40 cell planting tray and greenhouse cover, making them excellent propagators. They can be used in a greenhouse or on a window sill and are completely re-useable.

The reservoir automatically supplies water for up to a week. The capillary matting draws water up from the reservoir like a wick and will prevent under or over-watering your seedlings. The Greenhouse cover holds in the heat and moisture for fast germination. This propagator even has an insulated growing tray which maintains the even temperature making strong, vigorous roots.


  • Capacity: 40 cell
  • Non Electric

* This manufacturer may charge extra for delivery to Scotland, Wales, offshore islands, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. Please enquire before ordering if you think this might apply to you. Your delivery maybe delayed if not checked at point of order.

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40 seed cell propagator with Self Watering system

How the Self watering system works.

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