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Electric Rotary Lawnmowers

Rotary Mowers are tough machines which are ideal for lawns with tall grass and difficult weeds. They are easy to manoeuvre and work quickly.

They also work on wet grass.


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Rotak 32 Electric Rotary Mower
Rotak 32 Electric Rotary Mower
The Rotak 32 has a powerful 1200w powerdrive motor which ensures a reliable cut even under the most difficult of environments. It is easy to manoeuvre and lightweight.
FREE Delivery 2-7 working days
MSSP : £ 131.38 ,
Our Price : £ 108.10 , save £23
Rotak 34 Electric Rotary Mower
Rotak 34 Electric Rotary Mower
The Rotak 34 Electric Rotary Motor is lightweight and compact for easier transportation and is ergonomically designed for hassle free mowing even in longer grass.
FREE Delivery 2-7 working days
MSSP : £ 155.99 ,
Our Price : £ 128.34 , save £27
Rotak 40 Ergonomic Rotary Mower
Rotak 40 Ergonomic Rotary Mower
This popular mower features a revolutionary "Ergo flex" system which allows for easier steering while promoting a better body posture. Comes with a 50L grass box.
FREE Delivery 2-7 working days
MSSP : £ 242.13 ,
Our Price : £ 199.22 , save £42
Rotak 43 Ergonomic Mower
Rotak 43 Ergonomic Mower
This powerful machine features a revolutionary "Ergo flex" system which allows for easier steering while promoting a better body posture.
FREE Delivery 2-7 working days
MSSP : £ 266.75 ,
Our Price : £ 219.48 , save £47

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Testimonials: Customers Comments
Our Yardsaver shed is excellent. it looks very nice, has a high quality feel to it and smells nice too! The first attempt to deliver it happened whilst we were away, last Friday (as predicted!). It was then redelivered on Monday. It was quite easy to erect - made a lot easier by the screws being part-drilled in the relevant places and by the very accurate and good quality joinery work that had been done to enable it to all to slot together. The labelling of the sections and brief instructions were also very useful. It certainly takes two fairly strong people to erect the shed. The roof is the main challenge as it has to be lifted so high - and it's not light. Despite this, it was about 2 hours work to put it up. I will take some digital pictures of the shed when the sun comes out again - haven't seen it for a while in Oxford - and will forward them to you by e-mail.

Hello You might be interested to know that The Lugarde Prima Mark Shed 240x180 unit makes a great indoor or outdoor office - compact but effective for my IT Repair business. Any time I want to move it outside, I can easily dismantle it since I used 2 pins on the roof and a few to fix the flooring but no screws or nails at all. The kit is brilliantly packaged in a hold all with gloves, mastic and all the bits one needs. Also, includes a few spare boards in case of a muck up. The way it was delivered was also amazing. A knock at the door - of my difficult to find house - by a Dutch chap with a fork lift truck and 30 secs later he had delivered it and was packing the foklift away.
  Tony Simpson

I just wanted to say what an excellent item the bike shed is, and additionally, your instruction book detailing how to build the shed is the best that I have ever come across; I have had to scratch my head over many other flat-pack purchases in the past - so congratulations and very well done.
  John Lee

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