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High Quality Lifetime Plastic Sheds

The Plastic Lifetime outdoor sheds and storage units are high end, quality products. Made from polyethylene, a plastic that won't degrade, and one that is stronger and more durable than wood, you won't lose money due to costly maintenance. Unlike other plastic and metals sheds this range holds a 10-year warranty which covers everything on the shed, from top to bottom!

Special features include a sturdy steel-reinforced double-wall polyethylene construction, high-impact polyethylene floor, shatter proof windows, skylights, screened vents for airflow, built-in shelving systems and lockable doors with internal latching mechanism.

These sheds even boast an attractive traditional design. Wood grain moulding, a simulated shingled roof and natural colour scheme creates an aesthetically pleasing addition to the garden. While sturdy floors and a generous headroom promote great versatility which is virtually maintenance free.

If you need additional space simply extend. The Lifetime plastic sheds are expandable with easy extension kits. Each module adds an extra 75cm (2.5ft) to the length and there is no limit to how many extension kits you can add.

Lifetime has combined the best features and eliminated the weaknesses from current competitors sheds into one complete package, at the best value to the consumer. The Lifetime outdoor shed is Simply Better!

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
LFT 8x5 6418 Lifetime Plastic Shed 8'x5'
  • £809.00
  • including VAT
LFT 8x7.5 6411 Lifetime Plastic Shed 8'x7'5
  • £1049.00
  • including VAT
LFT 8x10 60056 Lifetime Plastic Shed 8'x10'
  • £1299.00
  • including VAT
LFT 8x12.5 Lifetime Plastic Shed 8'x12'5
  • £1699.00
  • including VAT
LFT 7x7 60014 Lifetime Plastic Shed 7'x7'
  • £749.00
  • including VAT
LFT 10x8 60243 Lifetime Plastic Shed 10'x8' - Single Entrance
  • £1459.00
  • including VAT
LFT 11x11 6433 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed 11'x11'
  • £2579.00
  • including VAT
LFT 11x16 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed 11'x16'
  • £3399.00
  • including VAT
LFT 11x21 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed 11'x21'
  • £4199.00
  • including VAT
LFT 11x26 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed 11'x26'
  • £5049.00
  • including VAT
LFT 15x8 60079 Lifetime Plastic Shed 15'x8' - Dual Entrance
  • £2159.00
  • including VAT
LFT 7x4.5 60057 Lifetime Plastic Shed 7'x4'5
  • £679.00
  • including VAT