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Support information on our Bertsch range of Garden Buildings


Our Berstch range of German manufactured garden buildings are without doubt the very best available in the Uk and Europe today.  A fastidious attention to detail by the German engineers ensure this product will last for years and will be totally trouble free and resistant to warping, moving and wear.  This page gives you additional information to that found on the individual product pages.

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Walls Building permission
Roof and Floor Guarantee
Delivery and Assembly    


All the buildings including the doors and windows are made to order so any configuration or options are possible, any style and shape of building can be made.  Unlike other manufacturers even buildings walls of up to 15m are possible without a break in them or an additional supporting wall, this is down to German engineering and the addition of steel structural supports within the logs themselves.

Each building is manufactured from the finest quality kiln dried Nordic pine, this wood is very slow growing due to the low temperatures and produces and extremely tight grain resistant to rot, splitting and movement.

The manufacturing process is carried out by some of the worlds best machinery and precision is the key to the finished product.  For instance the company prefers to cut the end of the logs straight.  This is for two reasons; 1. The end grain of the wood is always protected and the finish is higher and looks more attractive.  Many manufactures cannot cut a straight line which is why the have the bevelled edges.  Of course, if you prefer the profiled edges that can be done for you.

The details and precision are what sets our Bertsch range apart from the competitors, small parts of the whole picture that create a reliable solid building to last for many years.

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Depending on your requirements or the building you are considering choosing the walls can be either sectional or interlocking logs in a range of thicknesses:  The sectional buildings are 28,33, or 45mm thick.  The log cabins can be 28, 33, 45, 58, 70, 94 or 115mm.

Incredibly high stability for the harshest of locations is accomplished by the "chalet-milling" of the end logs.  Each log has a very special profile not seen in other buildings, the profile consists of conical shape, double tongue and groove joints that actually click together to form a tight seal providing greater stability and a resistance to movement.  For thicknesses below 45mm these are single tongue and groove but still feature the "click" profile

The gable ends and the top of the walls are profiled to match the roof line providing a tight seal, again free from movement and ensuring that no gaps appear over the years and that no "trim" has to be used.

Due to the excellent machinery at disposal different features can be applied to the walls such as convex and concave shapes for a small extra charge, you really can set your building apart from the others.


Double tongue and groove "click" profile

Top wall finish

Curved Wall Profile

Double tongue and groove wall logs

bevelled top of the wall

Curved finish applied to the walls



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 Roof and floor
Unusual for log cabins in the UK ths range is supplied complete with a floor and skirting boards, this is a floating floor to guard against movement and warping and is manufactured from heavy duty 22mm tongue and grooved planks in the case of 45mm buildings, cabins of 19mm - 33mm walls are a 19mm.  The entire building is supported on pressure impregnated base beams and an air gap is maintained under the cabin for adequate ventilation.  For buildings up to a 28mm wall thickness the beams are 60x40mm.  Buildings of 45mm or greater are 60x80mm

All the roofs in this range are 19mm tongue and groove.  Bargeboards can be in either be straight or profiled at no extra cost.  A lovely feature of all the buildings and a testament to detail are the corner triangular sections that allow the water to drain away from the boxed bargeboards.  Substantial purlins are supplied with each building and more can be added if required, as standard all 45mm buildings have a purlin width of 80x160mm

roof features

Roof Covering
As standard we supply the log cabins with a good quality mineral felt.  However we can also offer the very popular felt tiles.  These tiles are sourced in Europe and differ greatly from standard suppliers.  The entire backing is bitumen designed to melt in the suns heat fixing the entire tile to the roof thus ensuring a trouble free and long life, these are the only tiles that can cope with extreme winds and harsh conditions. These high quality tiles are available in either square cut or rounded cut profiles Of course as in many of the pictures these buildings can be fully tiled with traditional pan tiles or the modern metal or plastic alternatives.


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 Building Finish
As standard the buildings are supplied untreated other than the base beams.  However in the case of the sectional building we can offer a complete solution painting or varnishing in any colour choice the complete outside including the doors and windows, purlin heads and bargeboards.  For the log cabins we can paint the doors and windows and bargeboards, we are very sorry but at present we cannot treat the wall logs for you.

The colours can be up to two different ones to allow for a contrast.  A base coat is applied followed by two top coats to ensure years of use and durability.

Contrasting colours

Arched window

pre-painted doors for log cabins


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Several different types of our standard windows, and doors, however anything can be built for you, would you like glazing bars, a gothic arch, outward opening, inward, anything is possible.  Also available are substantial shutters for security and weather resistance in extreme conditions

As standard the windows have the following features:

  • Anodised Aluminium weather strips

  • Georgian Bars

  • Silicone bedded glass windows of German house standards.  Silicone is used as normal rubber seals generally used degrade quite quickly and cause problems after a few years.

  • All windows had a turn and cant system operated by one hand.  This means the window can be tilted inwards to allow top ventilation or opened fully as required, of course these are extremely secure and lockable.

Selection of available window options
Showing the window canted in   Opened window
Window shutter details
Window shutters in the closed position



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Doors, as you would expect are made to German standards.  Included are branded locks and fittings to DIN standards with cylinder locks and adjustable door hinges.  Each door has weather strips, Georgian bars and weather strips.  Any glazing is pure glass beaded on silicone instead of the normal rubber seals that break down after a few years.  The door frame thickness in 45mm.

Below is listed a range of the standard doors but of course anything can be made for you, just let us know your requirements.  Also pictured is a new option, brass Georgian bars that are actually within the glass itself which can be ordered for both the doors and windows. Please contact us for prices.

The range of doors avaialbe with the log cabins

Brass inset into the glass

Extra tall garage doors

bouble glazed door showing the locks

Door detail


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 Delivery and Assembly

All the buildings are delivered by us on our own vehicles so you can be assured they will arrive safely and undamaged.  Deliveries are normally to kerbside but of course for a small extra charge we will unpack and remove them to a location of your choosing.  The packages are fully waterproof and come with all the necessary instructions and fitting for an easy DIY install.  Of course we can carry out the installation for you for complete piece of mind if you would prefer.

The enite package weaher prooved and wrapped

Installation taking place by our teams

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 PDF Brochures

We have split down the brochure for your convenience when downloading, if of course you would like a hardcopy, please let us know and we will post you one.  Click on any of the links to download the brochure in PDF format



Section 1 Introduction and specifications
Section 2 Bespoke Sheds and Foundation Advice
Section 3 Bespoke and Made to Measure Log Cabins
Section 4 Leisure and Residential Log Cabins
Section 5 Corner and flat roof garden buildings including garages and car ports


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 Planning Permission
Many people use these buildings for extra accommodation, offices, studios etc and as such may require planning permission, often the size is enough to require this permission.  Our expert customer service team are very well versed in this and can produce plans for you suitable to support your application.  Below is a selection of plans as an example.

Log Cabins

Car ports and Garages

Kassel 1 4x4m Premium Car port 4x5m
Kassel 2 4.5x3.5 Premium timber Garage 6x8m
Kassel 2 5x4m  
Kassel 2 4x3.5m

Sectional Buildings

Kassel 2 5x4m EH1 1.8x1.8m shed
Kassel 2 4x4m EH1 1.8x1.8m shed Dual pitch roof shed
Nurenberg 1 3x3m EH 2 2.8x1.4m Pent Shed
Wurzburg 4x4m  
Wurzburg 3.8x3.8m  

We produced this pavilion because of the planning laws regarding height - notice the low pitch of the roof..... the overall height was 3.5m, planning is required at 4m

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The manufacturer offers a five year guarantee against defects in workmanship, if we install the building for you this is also guaranteed.  Such guarantees however only apply for those products which have been installed and which are treated according to the instructions and directions of Bertsch. Wood is a unique, natural product and the finish on boards will therefore vary. Variation will therefore be seen in the grains and shades of colour. Such properties are normal in wood and cannot be considered as a defect. They have to be accepted as an unavoidable property of the product.

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