Trimetals Titan motorcycle garage

Titan Trimetals Motorcycle Garages offer convenience with security and have a distinct advantage over other anti-theft devices as the motorcycle is completely enclosed and out of sight giving greater protection from thieves and the weather.

Our range of Titan Motorcycle garages is an effective way of protecting your valuable motorbike from vandalism, theft and the weather. Maintenance free construction and a 25 year panel guarantee.

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SKU Product name   Price  
MCG940 Trimetal Titan Motorcycle Security Metal Garage MCG940 9'2x4'10
  • £1227.50
  • 1227   – Reward points
MCG950 Trimetal Motorcycle Security Metal Garage MCG950 9'2x5'7
  • £1477.50
  • 1477   – Reward points
MCG960 Trimetal Titan Motorcycle Security Metal Garage MCG960 9'2x6'3
  • £1591.67
  • 1591   – Reward points
SKU_24606 Protect a Bike 940 Motorcycle Garage 9'3x4'10
  • £1432.50
  • 1432   – Reward points
SKU2910 Protect a Bike 960 Motorcycle Garage 9'3x6'4
  • £1739.17
  • 1739   – Reward points