Trimetals Metal Gas Storage Units

Trimetals Gas Storage Units

The Trimetals Senturion range of metal gas storage units offer the perfect answer to the safe, secure and attractive storage of gas cylinders.  The sturdy fire resistant and lockable metal storage designs offer maximum safety and security for your gas cylinders. Special vents allow a free flow of air preventing a gas build up in the event of a leak and locking facilities keep your gas cylinders safe from tampering or theft.

The 247 and 447 gas metal storage models feature a unique track base to ensure easy and correct placement of the gas cylinders within the unit. Additionally the four larger metal storage units feature fixing holes to accommodate a switch over valve / regulator which ensures the simple management of a multi bottle system. All the Trimetals metal gas storage units are produced in an attractive environmental green colour scheme, are easy to assemble and require no maintenance.  These metal gas storage units come with a 25 year panel guarantee.

Standard features include:

  • Fire resistant
  • Lockable design
  • Special vent for the free flow of air
  • Supplied in Olive Green


The number of coloured dots represents the maximum number of gas cylinders you are able to store in the unit. Red dots are propane bottles and blue dots are butane bottles.

 Propane Gas Bottle
 Butane Gas Bottle









Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TRIMETALS - Senturion 247 Senturion 247 Gas Cylinder Metal Storage Unit 3'8x2'3
  • £715.00
  • 715   – Reward points
  • including VAT
TRIMETALS - Senturion 447 Senturion 447 Gas Cylinder Metal Storage Unit 6'5x2'8
  • £959.00
  • 959   – Reward points
  • including VAT
TRIMETALS - Sentinel Gas Sentinel Metal Gas Cylinder Storage Unit 3'7x2'2
  • £515.00
  • 515   – Reward points
  • including VAT
TRIMETALS - SENTURION151319 Senturion151319 Gas Cylinder Storage 2'6x1'7
  • £472.00
  • 472   – Reward points
  • including VAT
TRIMETALS - Sentinel Storage Trimetals Sentinel Storage Unit
  • £515.00
  • 515   – Reward points
  • including VAT