Lugarde Summerhouse Windows and Doors

Lugarde Summerhouses and Log Cabins Windows and Doors. 

You can combine or enlarge the doors and windows for your Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin as you please, as long as the dimensions correspond to the summerhouse (i.e. will fit in the wall size) of your choice. Should you choose a size which differs from the standard dimensions there will be an additional modification cost for each alteration. 

All summerhouse or log cabin buildings with 44mm wall log elements can be delivered with double glazed (16 mm) windows and doors. The relevant types are window PE44 and door PE45. 

All single doors are supplied with standard opening left sided (as seen from the outside). If you want the door opening on the right, please order it that way. In case of double doors, the right door will open first.  During construction the doors and windows are slipped over the wall elements from the top, together with the frames, creating a very stable structure to your Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin.


Lugarde Summerhouse Window and Door options


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