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Jun 30, 2024

Lugarde are excited to keep you informed about updates, new insights, and innovative developments to their products ranges and services.

New: Metal roofing

Lugarde Metal RoofingLugarde Metal Roofing

Lugarde have recently added new roofing products to their assortment. You can now choose a new modern look in various colours. These metal roof tile panels are available in two types: Classic and Modern.

The "Classic" line comes in RAL 7016 (Anthracite), RAL 9005 (Black), and RAL 8012 (Red-Brown).

The "Modern" line is available in RAL 9005 (Black) and RAL 7016 (Grey).

The roof tile panels are custom-made.

All Lugarde roof tile profile panels come with foil, battens, purlins, as well as fascia boards and bargeboards specifically designed for this roofing.

The Lugarde roof tile profile panels are all equipped with a protective coating. This coating contains various protective layers, is highly resistant to rust/corrosion, and is colourfast. The surface is smooth and slightly glossy. This 25 µm coating is the most chosen coating in Europe.


Lugarde LED Lighting

By installing LED spots in your garden house, you create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing or spending cozy evenings. Additionally, you can place the LED spots to provide ambient lighting accents wherever you desire. What is included with this lighting:

UP AND DOWN LIGHT for the wall.


A stylish black remote control to dim the lights.

The wall fixtures are available in sets of 2 or 4 pieces.

For the overhang, Lugarde provide a hole saw and extra roof sheathing (included in the price for the spots).

Additionally, with the spots and up and down lights, a junction box, transformer, wiring, and cable feed-through.

New: Black Oil

Recently added to to the Lugarde assortment is black and brown wood oil. See the beautiful result above. Wood oil is very thin, making it super quick and easy to apply with a block brush.

  • Choice of Brown or Black
  • Suitable for all construction systems
  • Benefits: Oil penetrates the wood beautifully, has a longer lifespan than pre-treatments, does not crack or peel. The more frequently the wood is treated with oil in the future, the more saturated the wood becomes. This reduces the need for maintenance over time.

Expansion of Roof Reinforcements 

for Sedum and Solar Panels

Lugarde reinforced roof for Sedum green roof or Solar Panels

Lugarde have adjusted our configurator so that you can now choose roof reinforcements during the design process. This modification ensures extra sturdiness, which is essential for sustainable applications such as Sedum Green Roofs or Solar Panels. Please see below available options, so you know exactly what is possible and which systems qualify for roof reinforcement. 

Reinforced construction for sedum

You can choose this option for flat roofs.

Available for all systems except garden rooms.

Note: not available with a wall thickness of 28mm in the Prima system.

Reinforced construction for solar panels

You can choose this option for flat, lean-to, gable, and asymmetrical roofs.

Available for all systems.

For other roof types, we are happy to discuss and explore the possibilities with you.

Insulation prices reduced

Lugarde Insulation

Lugarde have great news to share with you! The recent general price increases have caused the prices for insulation to no longer align with the market. To address this, They have revised and optimized their price calculation methods.

Thanks to the updated configurator, manually calculating prices based on ground dimensions without overhang and roof pitch is a thing of the past. This configurator now automatically calculates the net m² price, including overhang and roof pitch, ensuring you always get an accurate and transparent price. This improvement also applies to wall insulation: prices are now calculated per net m² wall, with windows and doors automatically deducted.

Roof insulation for gable roofs: The price includes high-quality aluminium LEI nails and all necessary adjustments to bargeboards and fascias.

Wall insulation: The m² price includes all necessary framework, double foil, wall clips, 18x135 mm interior wall, and fasteners. Additionally, this year we have taken an important step to improve our logistics processes.

Additionally, this year we have taken an important step to improve our logistics processes.

Lugarde Configurator

Developments Latvia-Netherlands

Lugarde cabin accessory pack for assembly including instructions

Starting at the end of June, all orders will be delivered with a plastic information folder inside the sports bag. This folder contains informational brochures about wood properties, treatment advice, tips, various recommendations, and solutions for potential issues. Additionally, all assembly drawings and manuals will be placed in this folder, instead of being loose in the sports bag. As an extra, we are also including an Allen key so that the customer can adjust windows and doors themselves throughout the year.

Lugarde would like to support all customers with assembly videos. They have recently added new assembly videos to their assembly page. These can be utilized during the assembly process.

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