Lugarde Log Cabins

LUGARDE offering Traditional and Modern Log Cabins in 44mm and 68mm THICK Walls.

Lugarde log cabins offer unrivalled quality and can be counted as trusted manufacturer with innovative ideas and a ecological working ethic. They benefit from 30 years experience of designing, producing and distributing Log Cabins across Europe and the UK providing a refined product and outstanding service for any customer considering one of there Garden Buildings.

Quality Raw materials are chosen from Premium Northern European Pine Forests, all managed to be a sustainable timber source for future generations. The timbers, available in either a 44 or 68mm log thickness are specifically kiln dried to reduce the natural movement which can cause cracks and warps in other log Cabins.

Lugarde offer a generous variety of buildings in all shapes and sizes lending themselves for a number of different uses; recreation or hobby room, Guesthouses or Garden office. Many of Lugardes buildings have internal walls providing multi-roomed cabins great for residential use. Others combine large verandas, Canopies or Porches so you can make the very most of outdoor living throughout the seasons.

Customize your Cabin to suit your Garden and your own Personal Needs!!

The Lugarde factories, based in the Netherlands also offer a full bespoke service allowing you to fully customize your Log Cabin to your own unique requirements. Alter an existing model or discuss your needs with our trained sales team who will be able to help and advise you of the options available.

For more information on this exceptional range please see our Support Information page on Lugarde Log Cabins

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SKU Product name   Price  
BN01 Lugarde Nick 44mm Log Cabin 4mx3m
  • £6487.00
  • 6487   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B13 Lugarde Alabama 44mm Log Cabin 3mx4m including Floor
  • £5707.00
  • 5707   – Reward points
  • including VAT
BA07 Lugarde Rollright 44mm Log Cabin 3mx4m
  • £6427.00
  • 6427   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B52 Lugarde Daisy Log Cabin 5.5m x 8.5m - Including Floor
  • £16752.90
  • 16752   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B25 Lugarde Ruben Log Cabin 4.0m x 5.0m - including Floor
  • £8829.50
  • 8829   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B33 Lugarde Woodstock Log Cabin 5mx5m
  • £10080.00
  • 10080   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B2a Lugarde 44mm Amsterdam Log Cabin 2.5x2.0m
  • £2732.00
  • 2732   – Reward points
  • including VAT
BA17 Lugarde 44mm Amsterdam Log Cabin 2.5m x 3.0m
  • £3282.00
  • 3282   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B5 Lugarde Rome 44mm Log Cabin 3.0 x 3.0m
  • £3456.00
  • 3456   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B41 Lugarde Lisbon Log Cabin 4m x 8m including Floor
  • £12110.00
  • 12110   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B47 Sicily Log Cabin with Porch and Canopy 8mx5m including Floor
  • £15590.00
  • 15590   – Reward points
  • including VAT
B45 Geneva Log Cabin and veranda 3mx6m
  • £14713.00
  • 14713   – Reward points
  • including VAT
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