Bertsch 45mm Double Glazed Log Cabin

A selection of 45mm (1.8") log cabins from our German manufactured Burtsch range of cabins.  All of them are Double glazed as standard and made from very slow growing Nordic pine, this provides a very tight grain and therefore a dense wood which lasts for years and has a very high thermal capacity.  Ideal for keeping the heat in.

All these buildings are made to measure at point of order so any variation or customisation is possible, including foot print sizes, arched profiles instead of square, pre drilled logs to accept electricity cables, differing style doors and windows to your specification.  Also available are factory painted windows and doors to save you the hard work on delivery.

The Germans are renowned for their quality and this of course is present within the Bertsch range of buildings, it's the small details that make these without doubt the best buildings available in Europe, not only is it the wood used that contributes to the buildings quality it is also things like the triangular fillets in the gable to aid water run off or the chamfered logs at top of wall height to provide a proper seal with the roof.  For further details on the exceptional quality of these building please see the Support Information page on Bertsch Log Cabins

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