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Information on the Ecobase Shed Base System

Support information on our EcoBase Shed Base Systems

EcoBase offer a shed base system consisting of panels made from UV stabilised 100% recycled plastic which offers a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete bases. Panels can be quickly and easily installed and are suitable for use with sheds, cabins and greenhouses. These panels can also be cut to your own specification using just a handsaw. Panels are reusable and recyclable and offer major savings on concrete bases. The main benefit of the EcoBase system is that it provides ventilation to keep shed bases dry and provides instant soak away for greenhouses.

 Traditional Problems

The EcoBase shed base system solves many of the problems associated with traditional concrete bases.


rotting wood
 No more rotting wood from rain splash back
paving slabs with moss
Paving slabs grow moss, EcoBase does not
lightweight base panels
Lightweight and easy to position panels
paving slabs slippery with weeds
No more slippery paving slabs with weeds

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Simple installation in two easy steps


base installation step 1EcoBase can be laid directly onto a level surface of grass, soil, builders sand or pea gravel. 
base installation step 2Lay out EcoBase on top of the membrane and lock the EcoBase together with EcoPins.


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 Common Uses

Garden Sheds

EcoBase can be designed to be the same size as your shed, where no pea gravel is required. An alternative is to create a French drain that is larger than your shed and can be filled with pea gravel. This features  helps to prevent splash back of rain water and soil debris onto your timbers.

EcoBase for Garden ShedFrench Drain for Garden Sheds
Ecobase same size shedEcobase french drain


EcoBase for greenhouseCreate an instant soak away by adding pea gravel to your Greenhouse EcoBase. Use plastic ties to secure your Greenhouse to the EcoBase.

Log Cabins

EcoBase for log cabins with pea gravelA firm stable base for small log cabins and timber buildings can be created by filling the EcoBase with pea gravel.