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Growhouse Greenhouse Accessories

High Quality Cedar Growhouse - Greenhouse Accessories

 Greenhouse Accessories

Combine Slatted Staging with your new Greenhouse to create a useful area in which to complete the potting of plants and seedlings. Positioned at waist height for ease of use, the work top also provides sufficient growing space for potting plants and accessories. Manufactured using the same high quality Western Red Cedar as the entire Growhouse range, staging can be fitted down both or either side of the greenhouse.

Growhouse Greenhouse Staging

High Level Shelving offers additional storage space for seedlings and other gardening accessories including seed packets, gardening tools and gloves. Place at shoulder level on either side of your Greenhouse, above slatted Greenhouse Staging. Like the Growhouse Greenhouses, the Shelving is constructed using the finest Western Red Cedar.

Growhouse Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse Vents
Louvre Vent: Perfect for creating lower ventilation within your greenhouse, fit the louvre vent into the panel below the side opening vent in the greenhouse.

Automatic Vent Opener: Control the temperature within your greenhouse without having to manually open the window yourself with an Automatic Vent Opener. Opened via a wax filled cylinder that expands and contracts, automatically opening and closing your roof windows without power.


Growhouse Louvre Vent

Growhouse Automatic Vent Opener

Louvre VentAutomatic Vent Opener

Extremely useful during the warm summer months, control the amount of sunlight entering your greenhouses with a set of Greenhouse Blinds. Helping to maintain a healthy growing environment, blinds prevent overheating and plant burn. 

Growhouse Blinds

Greenhouse Bases
Each base is constructed using steel and is cut to the exact Greenhouse size. A base helps to ensure the surface the Greenhouse is placed on is flat and level whilst lifting the greenhouse off the ground slightly

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