Raven Wooden Greenhouse

The Raven wooden greenhouse from Swallow GB, available in a width of 8'9 (2.66m) and a selection of lengths from 6'4 (1.92m) up to 20'10 (6.36m). Featuring inward opening double doors for wide access, these are perfect for those wishing to move a wheelbarrow in and out of the greenhouse. This model also benefits from a generous ridge height for a spacious growing interior.

Unlike many other greenhouse manufacturers, each Swallow greenhouse includes roof vents with automatic openers and staging within the standard price. Both delivery and install (within mainland UK, extra charges apply to addresses 15 miles north of Glasgow) are also included and are completed by the Swallow team.

The Raven greenhouse range can be painted for an additional charge, choose between Somerset green, Willow, Sea grass, Black Ash, Maple leaf and Seasoned Oak from the Cuprinol Shades range. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
Raven 8’9 x 6’4 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8’9x6’4
  • £3252.50
  • 3252   – Reward points
Raven 8'9 x 8'4 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x8'4
  • £3444.17
  • 3444   – Reward points
Raven 8'9 x 10'5 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x10'5
  • £3765.00
  • 3765   – Reward points
SKU4468 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x12'7
  • £4230.00
  • 4230   – Reward points
SKU4539 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x14'8
  • £4070.83
  • 4070   – Reward points
SKU9295 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x16'9
  • £4710.83
  • 4710   – Reward points
SKU1973 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x18'10
  • £5079.17
  • 5079   – Reward points
SKU5730 Raven Wooden Greenhouse 8'9x20'10
  • £5320.00
  • 5320   – Reward points