Halls Silverline Green Lean to Greenhouse

Halls Lean to Greenhouse

Here we have the available in different sizes and they can come in Forest Green.

These Green lean to greenhouses have been made with a curved eaves which gives the lean to greenhouse a touch of style. Made especially as a lean to you can attach to your house, garage or garden wall it has been designed to trap not only the warmth of the sun but the heat from house too which will help your plant whether they are seedlings or less hardy plants.

The greenhouse provides ventilation throughout the sizes, all except the smallest one comes with two vents and the smallest greenhouse will come with one vent as standard. All come with a single sliding door .

The glazing available with these greenhouses is Toughened Glass, which allows sunlight to nurture plants, but gives added safety.

Additional Accessories such as staging, shelving, rain kits etc. can be found in the Halls Greenhouse Accessories Section on our website, or contact us for one to one advice.

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  • Silverline Green 68 Lean To Greenhouse (2.59m x 1.91m)

    Complete with a single sliding door and one roof vent. The lean to greenhouse measures 2.59m deep x 1.91m wide.

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    • £724.17
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  • Silverline Green 610 Lean To Greenhouse (3.21m x 1.95m) For all the keen gardeners who prefer a lean to model greenhouse to free standing greenhouses. Made with healthy ventilation it measures 3.21m deep x 1.95m wide.

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    • £765.83
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  • Silverline 612 Green Lean to Greenhouse (3.84m x 1.95m) With it's unique curved eaves we have the Silverline 126 lean to greenhouse from Halls. It measures 3.84m deep x 1.95m wide

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