Eden Halls Greenhouses

Due to exceptionally high demands which have extended lead times to over 30 weeks we have temporarily suspended the sales of Eden and Halls greenhouses until they have managed to catch up with the back log of orders they already have.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused

An Eden aluminium framed greenhouse offers robust construction with a 12 year guarantee. Many models have high eaves for more growing space and working comfort. Also offering three glazing options including polycarbonate or safety glass.

These greenhouses are available in a large range of sizes with models available for both small and larger gardens.

These greenhouses are designed for use by both novice gardeners and experienced greenhouse growers.

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  • The Halls Atrium is a beautiful greenhouse with plenty of space for all your plants and for relaxing. The long-pane toughened safety glass makes for an elegant greenhouse, where the view is not interrupted by short panes and clips.

    The greenhouse has double sliding doors as standard. Three opening side windows ensures extra ventilation.

    Halls Atrium comes with 3mm long pane glass in the sides and 6mm polycarbonate panels on the roof.

    An optional steel greenhouse base is recommended which stops the need to construct a brick or timber base.

    *Please call our friendly team on 01604780350 before placing your order for lead times and stock availability!

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    The Halls Garden Room is an updated interpretation of a traditional orangery greenhouse design and provides great value when you consider the size and innovative features.

    The greenhouse features strong aluminium profiles with extra bracing and an increased roof pitch to aid snow loading. Large gutters improve rainfall capture and an innovative corner joint allows you to place a water butt inside the greenhouse, ensuring the water is at the same temperature as your plants. 

    The Garden Room is supplied as standard with full length toughened safety glass with capping, a clever glass clip enhances water run off and stops condensation drips inside the greenhouse. 

    Four large roof vents are standard in the Garden Room to circulate and vent the huge volume of air contained within this large greenhouse. Two smooth sliding doors and a  low threshold make for easy access. The greenhouse frame is supplied in a handsome green powder coated finish.

    The recommended optional steel greenhouse base speeds up the construction process and means you do not need construct a brick or timber base. 

    *Please call our friendly team on 01604780350 before placing your order for lead times and stock availability!

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  • The Supreme Wall Garden is a mini greenhouse or lean-to, that can fit in the smallest of garden spaces. The curved eaves are formed with acrylic panels.

    This mini greenhouse is perfect for raising seedlings and growing herbs.

    The greenhouse base and shelves are included!

    *Please call our friendly team on 01604780350 before placing your order for lead times and stock availability!

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