Green roofs for Garden Buildings

When you install any garden building you will probably remove foliage, be it grass, borders or even weeds, you could replace the lost environment with a green roof on your garden building helping to maintain the balance.

For the coming year we are introducing an unusual concept to our range of garden buildings.  Instead of tiles or felt we are offering as an option a green roof for your shed, log cabin, playhouse or summerhouse, in fact any building you require.

The system we are using is a landscaping matting with sedum plants grown within it, the buildings roof is strengthened where necessary to accept the covering


This matting is a living carpet for outdoor use, it has the following features:

  • One of the lowest maintenance products available in the UK
  • Grown onto a special matting that gives strength and versatility
  • It comes with mature plants having been grown for 18 months, the sedum plants are already established in a life time of growing medium
  • It includes a mixture of of flowering sedums to give all year round colour and texture
  • Never needs mowing, weeding or deadheading
  • It attracts wildlife

The Sedumn is a group of succulent plants and are a member of the Crassulaceae family.

The word Sedum is taken from the Latin word Sedo which means to sit and refers to the way that the sedums seem to sit on rocks, ledges, walls and many other inhospitable places.

Sedums are very tolerant and although not drought proof they can survive and are in fact at home in poor soil and dry conditions.