Log Stores

Our ever growing range of Log Stores, available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any garden or yard. Perfect for those who store firewood outside, use to hold a plentiful supply of dry logs and keep your fire burning throughout the cold winter months.

Available in a ranges of designs included a slatted model, these provide ventilation to maintain air circulation around the logs and to ensure logs are kept dry. Many models also incorporate a handy shelf, ideal for storing smaller logs and kindling.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
LOGSML1 Small Log Store 3'10x1'10
  • £129.00
  • including VAT
SI-001-001-0104 Mercia Double Wooden Log Store 6'x4'
  • £205.71
  • including VAT
LOGSTORE Log Store 4'11x1'11
  • 18% less
  • £97.99
  • including VAT
LOGSTORE4X2 Log Store 4'x2'
  • £325.00
LOGSTORE6X2WITHSTORAGE Log Store 6'x2' with Storage
  • £449.00
35010 38010 37010 Biohort WoodStock 150 5'2x3'4
  • £549.00
35020 38020 37020 Biohort WoodStock 230 7'6x3'4
  • £689.00