Garage & Carport Wood Treatment

Garages & Carports Wood Treatment

Here at Taylors Garden Buildings we offer a brilliant range of wood treatments for your summerhouse, Log Cabin, Wooden Shed or even your Garage. The Wood Treatment is perfect for bringing the life back into your garden building, with its new fresh paint job.

The Wood Treatment is a superb product which protects your building from damaged caused by insects, moisture and decay fungi. The Treatment is also designed to enhance the look and style of your garden building.

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  • Wood Stain & Protector is a multi-purpose, water-repellent quality coating that colours and protects the whole garden. Protek Wood Stain & Protector provides weather-proofing protection to all types of timber and is so good that it will even adhere to masonry and terracotta pots.

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  • Protek Clear Wood Protector for bare timber or as a top coat gives 5 year timber protection

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  • Barrettine’s Wood Protector is a wood sealer for rough, sawn or smooth timber. It contains water repellent resins and a biocide film wood preserver to prevent the surface growth of mould/algae and together this helps reduce decay, swelling, twisting of wood. Pigments have good UV fade resistance and will help protect wood from UV damage.

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