Feb 10, 2022

We are still doing our best to provide the best range of garden buildings at the best prices we can offer.

It is still difficult throughout the supply chain as Timber prices are still quite volatile along with transport, labour costs and energy now being a factor, prices are changing more frequently than they would normally.

One of things that always surprises me is the amount of people that place an order without leaving a phone number which can delay orders the majority of courier/transport companies like to have a contact so the delivery can be organised or if the driver is having difficulty finding an address they can call.

Lead times for standard sheds, summerhouses are normal for the time of the year, slightly extended still for the Elite Garden Rooms and some of the Log Cabin suppliers but the demand is still exceptionally high for people that are working from home or just want a bit of extra space and dont want a conservatory or extension but want the same functionality to use as a gym, play room or home office etc.

Bespoke garden buildings is more popular than ever and a lot of recent purchases have been for some very interesting designs with glass sliding doors or multi room log cabins.

The season is close to starting so we are expecting lead times to start getting longer but we are being assured that our manufacturing partners are doing their best to hold stock well in advance of orders being placed.

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