A New Season Has Begun Today

Many of you may or may not be aware that Wednesday 23rd September is officially the first day of Autumn. Most people have their personal favourite time of the year, a lot of people prefer the warmer months of Summer while others prefer the colder snowy climates of Winter. I am very pleased to say that Autumn is my favourite, I love to see the gorgeous seasonal colours start to appear on the trees and love the weather which, although cooler now, is not as harsh and bitter cold as the Winter period which is looming on the horizon.

Taylors Garden BuildingsThe one and only down side to this season (in my opinion) is  the mess that is caused by the falling leaves, in my youth I used to love charging through the huge piles that gathered on the pavements and kicking them up as high as I possibly could. Obviously being a grown-up I can’t really do that nowadays (unless I am absolutely sure that no one is watching – then it is a free for all in my case!).

Unfortunately the falling leaves are non biased about where they land and you will undoubtedly come down one morning to find your perfectly manicured lawn awash with the pests!  Not only that, if you don’t get rid of them fairly soon your lawn will soon turn in to a mulch pit – not a pretty sight!

The Bosch Cordless Garden Leaf Blower

Garden Leaf Blower

Luckily we have a good selection of garden tools and machinery to help with this dilemma, we have several blowers on our site which can help to move the leaves in to a more manageable area to be scooped up and disposed of in an orderly fashion. All of our blowers are portable and handheld for easier control and are available in either electric or petrol versions.

Flymo Scirocco Electric Vacuum

Flymo Scirocco Electric Vacuum

A good alternative to the trusty blower is a vacuum, these suck the leaves up and collect them in to a bag for you. Many of these also mulch the leaves down ready to be composted which not only saves time but is also highly beneficial for your garden and helps you to prepare for next year when your garden will start to come alive again.

Petrol Pro Shredder

Petrol Pro Shredder

Other useful devices for this time of year are our shredders which can also help to dispose of garden rubbish by reducing it down in size and thereby making it easier to fit in to your garden waste wheelie bin.  We have electric and petrol models available with a good range of prices to suit all tastes and budgets.

Also of interest could be somewhere to store your equipment, we have many options for this ranging from smaller wooden garden storage units and sheds or similar models manufactured in metal or plastic.

Whether you are an avid gardener or not there is almost certainly going to be something that might be if interest to you.  These machines will definitely make your life easier by removing the back breaking aspect of garden maintenance or at the very least put you in to your partners good books for a while!

Thanks for reading!

Wheelie Bin Storage

One line that constantly sells well for us is our line of wheelie bin storage units.

Compared to some of our other more traditional ranges, these storage units are somewhat new to the market as the use of wheelie bins and recycling boxes has only been introduced in the past decade or so for a majority of households.


wheelie bin storage


Long gone are the days of our round dustbins which was the only outlet for all of our daily refuse. The modern UK household now has to separate all of its rubbish in to plastics, glass, paper and food waste. This is all collected separately and in a majority of cases is re-used, recycled and pressed in to service again. This does wonders for the environment  as we all know, as a nation we are all much more aware of our surroundings and are taking better care of it to ensure a better future for all.


bin storage

Times past


Lets not forget our bin men either – long gone are the days where they had to struggle and heave huge metal bins around, our new ones have wheels and are so much easier to transport around.



Mixed Recycling Containers

Modern wheelie bin storage

The average household now has two large wheelie bins and three smaller boxes in their outdoor space as well as a smaller  lidded box for food waste. Not exactly the most attractive features in a garden they can unfortunately  quite often take up a lot of space. One obvious solution to this is to hide them away from view which is where our wheelie bin storage units come in to play.



Double Wheelie Bin and Recycling Box Chest

One bin and four box combination

We have several models available to buy while many of them also have different combinations to choose from (as we all know different size families have different amounts of recycling containers allocated to them). An example of this is the Double Wheelie Bin and Recycling Box Chest which is available in either a one bin and four box combination or a two bin, two box.


garden storage


They are all manufactured in  wood and many have the option of being locked if required, this is more to keep out unwanted predators more than for actual security but is effective none the less. You would be surprised just how cunning the chap on the right can be when trying to get in to a bin!



With a decent sized range available we are confident that we will have something for everyone, click here to see the whole range.