Instructional videos.

A recent addition to many of our listings are instructional videos!

We are all too aware that sometimes the traditional paper variety are just not quite enough – no matter how comprehensive! The same goes of course for the PDF versions that are on a vast majority of our listings, there are times when we just want to actually see somebody doing it. This gives us just that bit of extra confidence when erecting our brand new summerhouse, gazebo , metal shed etc etc.

Take a look at this example, we are sure you will agree that it is very indepth!

Our Display Site

Sometimes the benefit of having a show site for our log cabins, Sheds and Summerhouses in Northampton at Woodmeadow garden centre can also be one of the common reasons for our customers to complain.

Just this weekend I was at the garden centre and a customer had travelled up from London to look at a log cabin, which in the grand scheme of things is not that far as we are centrally located. It means we are a reasonable distance from the majority of major conurbations.

Unfortunately we currently have just two log cabins on display. Partly down to the fact we only moved into the garden centre towards the end of last year and have not had the time to organise the space and more recently the snow and bad weather has slowed us down.

The customer, although disappointed we didn’t have the exact model log cabin that he was looking for, was met with courtesy and a smile.

We demonstrated the quality of the log cabin that he could expect and showed him alternative buildings which we do have on display, including a heavy duty workshop, potting shed, and traditional apex sheds all of which can be delivered and fitted by us, at his house in London.

I was pleased the customer stayed and had a coffee in our garden centre cafe and went away with the peace of mind that we are a genuine company with genuine people, all trying to give our best service and value when making a big purchase. I personally think it is good to see and speak to the people that you are purchasing from.

My biggest frustration is we can’t show every garden building and log cabin we offer.

On our website we have thousands of sheds and Summerhouses including timber garages and greenhouses.

The challenge is to have a representation of both size and quality variation, demonstrating the different quality log cabins that manufacturers offer as well as our own sheds, especially when looking for a bespoke building.

If you are planning a visit to Woodmeadow garden centre, we are open seven days a week so give us a call on 01604 781899 before you set out and we can advise you which buildings we have on display at the time.

I always refer to Woodmeadow as a developing garden centre. Like most gardens they are never really finished and always being developed. We move product around frequently to keep it fresh and periodically sell display log cabins and sheds to make space for new models.

We are just in the process of building four Elite Greenhouses and soon after will be adding two more Lugarde log cabins and another Tuin log cabin. All good quality and proven selling models, giving you, the customer more to choose from.

Thanks for reading this taylorsgardenbuildings blog and we look forward to seeing you at Woodmeadow soon.

Adam Hemmings

Dynamic Office Seating Ltd