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The last post was all about Swallow Greenhouses a great range of timber frame greenhouses to suit a wide range of garden styles, below is what they say on the back of their brochure some sound advice about greenhouse bases.

Greenhouse Base Advice

The idea base for the greenhouse would be;

  1. Paving slabs to encourage natural drainage
  2. Solid concrete base to the size of the greenhouse with a minimum 4″ thickness
  3. Concrete strip footing again with a minimum 4″ thickness
  4. Dwarf wall can be built – heights to be advised

The base can be larger than the greenhouse if required by the customer but it must not be any smaller.

Most importantly the base must be level

Lean to Base Advice

There are additional factors to be considered if a lean-to greenhouse is purchased. In addition to the advice above, the following must also apply;

  • The base must be 90 degrees to the wall and level
    Swallow Lean to Greenhouse

    Swallow Lean to Greenhouse

  • Swallow (GB) will ask if the wall is straight and will request photographs if necessary Swallow (GB) will ask the type and height of the wall upon receipt of the order.

Swallow(GB) will ask the type and height of the wall upon receipt of the order

Access Information

We require the following height clearances for access as all panels are pre-glazed in the factory;

  • Finch, Cygnet, Jay, Kingfisher – 6′ 6″
  • Heron, Mallard, Swan, Raven, Rook, Falcon, Eagle – 8′ 6″

Once the order is received, we will forward a base plan for the building. We then ask you to contact us when the base is ready to enable us to plan installation.


All Swallow (GB) Buildings have the following features as standard

  • All the redwood pine is thermally modified
  • All the boards are fixed with stainless steel nails
  • The inward-opening door has a mortice lock and lever handle
  • All the glass is toughened (tempered) safety glass (three times stronger than standard)
  • The glass is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone (this is very reliable and makes it resilient to adverse weather conditions)
  • The glass shapes are joined with a clear plastic ‘H-Section’ (clean looking and easy to wipe)
  • Each roof vent is fitted with a Bayliss automatic opener
  • There is a plastic section fixed around the bottom of the greenhouse. This keeps the timber off the ground, prolonging the life of the building.

So pay attention and follow the advice above from Swallow Greenhouses for the ideal base for your new Swallow Greenhouse.