Winter Gardening Tips

While you can, it’s a good idea to have a good clean up! Have a go at sorting out the garden; here are a few tips to do this winter. Try tiding the garden shed, make things easier to find, throw out anything you no longer need. Gather all the tools you have been using over the past few months, and give them a good clean, get rid of all the dirt and rust. You can use a mild detergent to disinfect your pots if needed.

Check your sheds, gates and fences for any rot or damage, you will want to sort that out before the snow and strong winds start! Now the grass has stopped growing so fast it’s a good idea to leave it alone and let it have a bit of breathing space. But don’t forget to dead head any autumn-flowering plants before the frost starts!

With all these dead leaves and cuttings, now is the perfect time to start a compost bin. If you already have one, try giving it a stir to help speed the process up a little. While you’re at it, put out some fat blocks and other food, this will help out the local wildlife. This will also mean that frogs, birds and hedgehogs will stay in your garden, by the spring they will repay the favour by keeping the typical pests at bay!

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