Creating more space with a log cabin

Do you often find yourself thinking about the need for extra space, maybe for a growing family, overnight guests, vast amounts of toys or a quite place to work? You may think that moving to a larger house or building a costly extension are the only answers but could a log cabin be what you’re looking for?

Log cabins are manufactured in a range of different log thicknesses and designs and with the right aftercare and maintenance can last for over 20 years. Choosing the right thickness for your cabin is the key; 28 to 44mm logs are ideal if your cabin is to be used during the warmer months as an extra day room, play room or for all year round storage, whilst 58 to 70mm cabins with insulation can be used all year round, 68 – 70mm log cabins can even be used overnight as a guests rooms.

Many log cabins can be delivered and installed within 4 -5 weeks and without the need for planning permission, depending on their height and the proximity of neighbouring boundaries, making them a relativity cheap and quick alternative to a brick built extension. What’s more, you also get the added benefit of no mess in the house while construction is taking place and if you do choose to move in the future, a log cabin can be dismantled and rebuilt at your new property.