Christmas Trees Available At Woodmeadow Garden Centre

Christmas Trees Available At Woodmeadow Garden Centre

Christmas Trees will be arriving at Woodmeadow Garden Centre from the week commencing 18th November 2013.

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To pre-order your Christmas tree simply pop down the Woodmeadow Garden Centre or give them a call on 01604 781899. Why not pre-order your Christmas tree from Wood Meadow and save £5.00 off the selling price?

See the Leaflet below to view the sizes and £5.00 voucher.

* Pre ordered trees must be paid for in full at time of order and collected by week commencing 15th December 2013 unless pre arranged otherwise.

The trees available are Norway Spruces and Nordman Firs.

Norway Spruces:

The Norway Spruces is thought of as the original Christmas tree. It has a sharper, smaller needle and does drop, but many people still like them as they are thought of as more traditional and have a stronger scent.

  • 4′ Norway Spruce – £17.99
  • 5′ Norway Spruce – £19.99
  • 6′ Norway Spruce – £25.99
  • 7′ Norway Spruce – £30.99

Nordman Fir:

The Nordman Fir has become the most popular tree in the UK and the tree that the majority of households will have. The Nordman is a very soft tree with relatively large dark green needles that have a silvery underside. Nordmans are very layered in shape and are known as the needle holding tree.

  • 4′ Nordman Fir – £27.99
  • 5′ Nordman Fir – £34.99
  • 6′ Nordman Fir – £43.99
  • 7′ Nordman Fir – £54.99


  • 80cm – 100cm Pot Grown Nordman Fir – £35.99
  • 100cm – 120cm Pot Grown Norway Spruce – £30.99

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