Tidying up your garden for winter.

Take down the shading on your greenhouse

In September, the days start to get shorter and the natural light is a valuable resource. Take down any shading in the greenhouse as this will enable you to introduce the sunlight that is needed for your plants. A good clean with some hot water will leave the glass sparkling clean. Don’t forget gutters where leaves can get trapped, this will help the escape of rain water from the roof of your greenhouse. If you have any broken or damaged glass now is the time to replace this too.

A spring clean for your greenhouse

While you are already cleaning the outside of the greenhouse, lets tackle the inside. This will help reduce wintering pests and diseases. Carefully take out the plants we will need those again in the spring then sweep out all plant debris. A good disinfecting for the greenhouse, paths and staging and don’t forget the inside of the glass too. Use a hot solution of garden disinfectant such as Jeyes Fluid. Thorough ventilation will be needed for your greenhouse over the next couple of days so it dries thoroughly.

Make time over the winter months to keep pots and seed trays clean in preparation for the spring sowing and planting.

 Tidy Borders

Pansies, Daisies, and Wallflowers are just some of the plants that can be used to give you colour over the winter months , so dig up your annuals and add them if you can to the compost heap.

Now is the time to get your boarders in order. Remove badly placed plants, and rearrange overcrowded perennials while there is warmth in the soil. Perennials should be 5cm above ground level, but left with rugged pruning so the attractive perennials seed heads can look wonderful, glistening in autumn dew, whilst providing shelter for those wintering insects.

When borders are tidy, put a thick layer of compost or bark chips across them, no need to mix in the worms will l do that for you.


Rake up all leaves and twigs and pop them in to compost pile if you have one. Leaving piles of leaves on the ground can harm your grass. You can however use the leaves for mulch in your garden if you like. If you don’t have a space to compost them yourself, then use your brown bin for garden rubbish so they can be taken away.

Good luck – Sarah

Movember at Taylors and Woodmeadow

Movember at Taylors Garden Buildings and Woodmeadow

This year at Taylors and Woodmeadow we have assembled a team to partake in fundraising for the Movember  charity.

For those of you who are unaware of this charity, it is an annual  event which takes place every year throughout the whole of November. All male participants grow a moustache for the whole of the month to raise awareness for male cancers such as testicular and prostate.  Any monies raised through the charity are donated to cancer research.

There are several of us at Taylors who are raising money for this cause by growing moustaches throughout the whole month under the team name “The MoFroBros“, regular pictures of us will be posted on here along the way!

You can also check out our official Movember web page to track our progress too!

The Movember team 2012

The first few days

The Movember journey began on thursday 1st November, we all shaved before midnight the previous night (officially known as shadoween)and then posed for the MoFroBrosgallery picture (above). Nothing really happened for the first day or so but when we all returned to the Taylors office after the weekend some of us were starting to sprout some cool face hair!

Our boys Richard and John from Woodmeadow.

Week two

Week two and things are starting to get a bit hairy!!

Week three

Just passed the £1500.00 mark!!

Week 4 – the final week!!

The last week!