My location: United Kingdom

Bee House and Bee Hive

This project has been one of the most fascinating and rewarding ones that we have been involved with.

We were commissioned by a Government funded agency to build a "mega" beehive and the results are below.

The agency had spent 2 years researching and developing a new system of highly efficient Bee keeping, bee hives and bee house and needed a manufacturer to be able to design and build their vision of the perfect system.

This bee hive is now in Finsbury Park London and is completely experimental although it is believed it will be a complete success and is "the future of British Commercial Bee Keeping". It is using state of the art technology in an environmentally friendly package to create the perfect environment for bees to live in and create the perfect environment for maximising production of honey and related bee products.

We have also produced an external version of our hive and further details of this building and the bee hive can be found here:   Beehouse and bee hives