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Amazonas range of garden Hammocks and Outdoor hanging chairs

General information on the Amazonas range of Garden Hammocks.

We have given additional information on the Amazonas hammocks including 'how the hammocks are made', 'Hanging tips' for optimising your hammock for extra comfort and the best way to recline into your hammock, the Brazilian way. We have also provided a  list of the different stands available, please contact us for prices...

Hanging Tips
Brazilian Reclining Technique
Optional Hammock Stands

 Amazonas Production

Over a dozen work stages are involved in making each high-quality AMAZONAS Hammock in the traditional way from picked cotton. Making hammocks by hand has a long tradition in Brazil, particularly in the North East of the country, where it is still practised and carefully nurtured to this day:

1The cotton is first picked and spun by hand.
2Around 3,500-4,500 threads of the correct length need to be counted off into bundles for each hammock .
3These bundles are coloured with high-quality dyes, which are especially selected for their compatibility with health and are obtained directly from European manufacturers.
4The dyed threads are dried in the fresh air. Then comes the trickiest part: The threads must be wound onto the roll on the web stand in the correct pattern without becoming tangled.
5The web stand foreman, a highly-respected position, sets up the web stand accordingly. Up to 4,500 longitudinal threads must be knotted exactly. He requires a whole day for this.
6At the same time, the spindles for the cross threads are wound on with the correctly dyed threads.
7A good weaver produces around 10 hammocks a day on one web stand.
8The head and feet ends of each hammock are plaited, twisted and sewn by further specialists. Some models still need to be decorated with the Macramé veranda (fringe edging).
9Whilst this is going on, the suspension cords are plaited from the same cotton threads using the traditional crochet apparatus.
10The cords are cut to the right length, carefully bound by hand to the almost completed hammock and the suspension ties are given extra reinforcement.
11The seamstresses have finished sewing the sack in the meantime.
12The hammock is checked for the last time to ensure that it is clean and in perfect condition, it is then folded together and can begin its journey into the wide world.


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 Hanging Tips
1. Suspending: Hammocks without spreader bars are hung so that they sag way down. The hanging loops of the hammocks are fastened at approx. head height and about 3 m apart.

2. Fastening: Hammocks are fastened using ropes to trees / beams or hooks into walls or ceilings for hanging chairs. If trees or walls are further apart, the hammocks can be extended by ropes or chains. The suspension point then needs to be selected somewhat higher.

Fastening for Hammocks

Fastening for Chairs


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 Brazilian reclining technique

The most important thing is to arrange the hammock's suspension loops at head height, and only some 3m distant from each other, thereby allowing the hammock to hang down in a deep arc. This then allows a diagonal lying position, like a real Brazilian ("from corner to corner"), and not straight. This keeps the back straight and is the secret of being able to lie comfortably and relaxed for hours on end in a hammock. As wobbly wooden cross-pieces are intentionally not used, one lies securely and without fear of falling out!

In Brazil, hammocks are still used as beds, as they always have been. This is the reason that they are as wide and comfortable as a bed! Even if you are only going to use your hammock for relaxation, you should still try to adopt the Brazilian way of lying: Contrary to European ideas, hammocks are not hung taut.


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 Optional Hammock Stands

If you haven't got trees or beams to suspend your hammock from we have a number of stands which will do the work for you. For details and prices please contact us.

Olymp Wooden StandMadera Stand
Spruce Wood Stand with galvanised fittingMadera to replace a missing tree!
Arcus Wooden StandApollo Stand
Made from laminated larch wood finished in tung oilSmall Olymp stand, still in Spruce Wood


Vario-Gala Stand White

Vario-Gala Stand Green

Vario-Gala White

Vario-Gala Green

Metal weatherproof stand, powder coated in White

Metal weatherproof stand, powder coated in Green

Sumo Silver Stand

Sumo Silver

Smaller Vario-Gala, weatherproof with powder coating

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