2021 Soon be Christmas

Aug 1, 2021

Having been involved with selling garden buildings now for over 25 years, 2021 off the back of 2020 has been the most strangest of years.

  • Exceptional demand for garden buildings such as sheds, summerhouses and log cabins has lead to continually extended lead times for delivery as manufacturers can't make them quick enough, 
  • Some manufacturers have consolidated delivery areas and reduced ranges to help focus on core products and not extend lead times further, 
  • There is a global timber shortage so any manufacturers sourcing raw material are having to pay more for it, 
  • Importers following the Suez Canal blockage earlier in the year and the recent covid outbreak at the shipping terminals in China are experiencing container price hikes in the region of up to 15 times higher than they were 12 months previous
  • A driver shortage for delivery companies, there is a European wide shortage of heavy goods and delivery drivers also bringing goods into the UK (made worse by new Brexit legislation)

This is not over, the supply chain is going to take a while to recover and we have no doubt that we will all be paying for it over the next few years, we have had five price increases in six months for certain timber products with more anticipated before the end of the year, we are being warned not to expect a reduction in delivery lead times until the new year at the earliest, which is hopeful as some of our manufacturing partners are already bookings order in for the new year.

We are doing our best though to keep the website up to date (it's not easy with so many suppliers and over 20 thousand product options), communicating with our suppliers on a regular basis and being as quick with contact where required as we can be.

We still advise contacting us before placing an order so we can check availability and confirm lead times

This has all created stock issues within the garden centre also with shortage of chemicals, compost, decorative stone cobbles, terracotta pots, firepits, patio heaters, garden furniture even in the pet area certain animals have been in short supply due to new import legislation after Brexit

Hopefully we will get back to some sort of normality soon 

Thank you, we are grateful for you custom and understanding during these challenging times

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