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Fawt Nova Octagonal Aluminium Greenhouse 6'4 x 6'4
Fawt Nova Octagonal Aluminium Greenhouse 6'4 x 6'4
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£ 1,008.76
Including VAT at 20%
6-8 Weeks

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Fawt Nova Octagonal Greenhouse 6'4 x 6'4 (1.93m x 1.93m)

The compact Nova Octagonal Greenhouse is an ideal greenhouse for the smaller garden or site in a corner of the garden where its attractive octagonal shape makes the greenhouse a feature of your garden and not an eyesore. This octagonal greenhouse is designed and tested to withstand the strongest of winds when anchored as recommended.

This range is offered as a complete building frame, glass and sufficient ventilation for most general uses. Consideration should be given to the intended position of the greenhouse as regards to exposure to sunlight and wind, particularly winds bearing in mind proposed crops to be grown/ or plants to be over wintered. It is constructed from a strong aluminum frame which requires minimal maintenance and can be folded down, when not in use or when you want to move the building.

An integral base comes with this octagonal greenhouse, a single hinged door hinged to the right hand side which means that the door will be facing the outside of the greenhouse, however a prepared left hand hinged door option is available at no additional cost. A door stay bar kit is supplied as standard, which helps the door to be held open to its full extent. The Nova offers one roof, one window, one side window and one base vent, allowing there to be plenty of ventilation through out the building, ideal for those hot summer months and to stop your plants from sweltering.

This Greenhouse can be erected on a flat surface and comes as standard with a set of ground anchors for use where the greenhouse is to be set on earth or gravel base area. This allows the greenhouse to be easily moved or taken down, when you wish to move the building or when moving house for example. Optional ground fixings are available that are slightly stronger than the standard fixings but if you were to move the building you wouldn't be able to reuse these ground fixings and replacements would need to be made.

Always start with a level base, the greenhouse has an integral base that can be stood on or either soil/grass when the base anchors provided MUST be used OR concrete/paving slabs when the greenhouse MUST be secured by bolts through the base plates.

There will be a parts list provided at the back to help you when constructing the greenhouse, check before commencing that all the parts required are all there, do not attempt to tighten the nuts and bolts on the frame any tighter than finger tight before glazing and final squaring/leveling has been undertaken. Treat all glass with care, we strongly recommend that gloves are to be worn when handling glass to protect your hands from sharp edges particularly when handling broken glass.

Standard Features:

  • Ideal greenhouse for small gardens
  • Easily placed in a site in the corner
  • Attractive octagonal shape, great feature for any garden
  • Withstands the strongest of winds when anchored
  • Complete building frame
  • 3mm Horticultural glass but toughened glass or twinwall polycarbonate can be supplied
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Can be folded down
  • One roof window, one side window, one base vent
  • Integral base and anchor legs
  • Can be erected on earth, concrete or paving

Options: please contact us for prices

Nova greenhouses available in long lasting baked powder coat white, green, brown, black or natural aluminium

Toughened glass

Maximum 2 sets of staging

Maximum 4 roof windows

Maximum 4 side windows

Maximum 7 base vents

Aluminium rainwater kit





  • Base: 6'4 x 6'4 (1.93 x 1.93m)
  • Eaves height:  5'8 (1.73m)
  • Cone height:  7'11 (2.41m)

* This manufacturer may charge extra for delivery to Scotland, Wales, offshore islands, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. Please enquire before ordering if you think this might apply to you . Your delivery maybe delayed if not checked at point of order.

Please look at our terms and conditions

Further support information can also be found by clicking on the "i" icon.
Delivery: 6-8 Weeks

Colour option
Toughened glass
Shelf Kit
Rain Water Kit
Anchor Legs

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Fawt Nova octagonal aluminium greenhouse

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